Islamabad is a stunning, up-to-date metropolis with all the visual splendor one could desire for. Who wouldn’t fall in love with a city that has greenery all around, clean streets, wide freeways, and mountains teeming with nature?

Islamabad is a marvelous city that serves as a heavenly entryway with simple access to a plethora of spectacular diamonds in the rough to go on a short adventure for a day-long excursion.

Try visiting these beautiful sites that we have selected for you. If you’re an adventurous person who wants to enjoy nature every moment you breathe and don’t want to compromise your outgoing and audacious spirit.

One-day Excursions from Islamabad

These dazzling attractions can all be explored in one day. To provide you with a pleasant escape from your weekly usual routine, we have prepared a list of some of the best-rated locations that you should visit with your family, friends, or others. Have a look!

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10 Best One Day Trip Places near Islamabad

1. Murree

The vicinity that receives the most visitors for day trips is Murree. Almost every child from Islamabad has traveled there at some point, whether as a child or an adult. Every family may have taken a trip to Murree at least once. Visitors to Islamabad come from all over, and one-day trips to Murree are inevitable.

Murree is situated in the Pir Panjal Range’s Galiyat area. For both tourists and locals, it provides beautiful natural vistas from the hills, cloudy skies, and the vast outdoors. There, you can go on treks and check out some of the tracks. Tourists appreciate visiting Murree because of its delicious cuisine, breathtaking scenery, and mild or even chilly weather. Murree offers a variety of activities, like traveling to Mall Road and shopping there, visiting the family-friendly Sozo Adventure Park, and just taking a trip for sightseeing.

2. Taxila


An almost one-hour drive will lead you to Taxila, a city in Punjab. As a prominent city in Pakistan’s history, Taxila is an excellent spot to discover something about the historical past. In 1980, UNESCO declared it a site worthy of preservation. The fact that Taxila is close to Islamabad makes it the second-most popular tourist site.

A medieval city that is thousands of years old. Fans of history would adore a trip to Taxila, but even those who don’t care much for the past would be interested in and delighted to see the variety of sights it has to offer. Aside from the well-preserved temples, stupas, and monasteries that should not be overlooked, the Taxila Museum is a must-see for aficionados. 

3. Siri Paye Meadows

The Kaghan Valley’s Siri Paye Meadows is a stunning tourist destination that is located above sea level. Since it takes approximately 3 hours to get there from Islamabad, you must get up early if you want to enjoy yourself and return home the same day.

June to September is the optimal season to explore the meadows; here, you can take a delightful day trip with your family or friends which would provide a pleasant distraction for a day. Tourists can take advantage of the picturesque views and the valleys’ luxuriant greenery, as well as several other activities like horseback riding, camping, and trekking.

4. Khanpur Dam – Mabali Island

To enjoy a superb one-day vacation in their free time, people and tourists travel extensively to Khanpur Dam, another well-known tourist hotspot. There is a gigantic, enchanting garden for Maltas (oranges) halfway near Khanpur Dam that you could visit in the winter to see the orange trees and go harvest oranges from them as well.

Mabali Island in Khanpur Dam is a well-known island paradise that is a popular picnic location for both locals and tourists. A variety of eateries and cafes provide visitors and locals the chance to eat while taking in the scenic beauty of the island and the ocean. The Island offers sports like jet skiing, kayaking, Tarzan jumping, swimming, boating, and ziplining so that visitors can take advantage of its many recreational amenities and get a shot of adrenaline. With your friends or family, it’s a terrific opportunity to spend some enjoyable time together.

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5. Rohtas fort

The Rohtas fort, one of the biggest in Asia, was constructed by Sher Shah Suri in the sixteenth century to safeguard the empire’s northern frontiers. It is found in Jhelum. The fort is famous for its magnificent architectural design. According to reports, the fort is incredibly big and has mosques and temples as well.

Tourists adore the fort’s exquisite architecture, which is aesthetic for those who adore architecture and are interested in the past. Due to the archaeological remnants of several structures that were once a part of the fort, it attracts tourists’ interest. The gates, walls, Shahi Mosque, baolis, and Rani Mahal are the fort’s principal points of interest.

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6. Mushkpuri Top

Mushkpuri is a fantastic location for a cool hike. The second-highest peak in Galyat, Nathiagali KPK, is where it is situated. The summit is renowned as a hiking summit. You are captivated by the spectacular panoramas of the valleys and mountains in the area.

Mushkpuri has you covered if you don’t like climbing but still want to go on an adventure, even though the climb takes around two hours to complete, it is pretty straightforward and anyone can complete it. With family or friends, you may also take a leisurely picnic at the summit of the mountain.

7. Khewra Salt Range

Khewra mines: A salt wonder for tourists - Pakistan - DAWN.COM

Khewra Salt Mines, the second-largest mine in the world and only a few kilometers from Islamabad, is another one of the day trips that people like to take. It takes around 3 hours to reach by car, but if you’d prefer a train journey, you can also utilize the train.

The Khewra mines offer an exceptional inside look of the mine as well as gorgeous bright pink crystals. One of the best possibilities for a one-day excursion from Islamabad is this. It is a fabulous method to go on a trip with your loved ones or pals.

8. Bruti Waterfall

The Margalla hills of Islamabad are home to the Bruti waterfall, which is well-known for its crystal-clear blue water. From Islamabad, the cascade is only 40 minutes away; the remaining distance requires a challenging but rewarding climb. Both visitors and residents may take in the panoramic charm of the waterfall and cool off in the water during the hot summer after ascending and hiking to the objective, making the trip exhilarating and adventurous. Picnics and fun in the sun are perfect activities for groups of friends and families over there.

9. Pir Chinasi 

In Azad Kashmir’s Muzaffarabad, one may find Pir Chinasi. The tourist destination, which is the topmost point, is an essential sight.

From the peak, you can observe Kashmir’s beautiful landscapes. The top also provides stunning views of the Himalayan Alps, which are draped with snow. Given that it takes four hours to get there, you might opt to depart early in the morning. The best season to visit and arrange a trip to Pir Chinasi would be the winter in order to get the most out of the peak. There is snow there, and you can enjoy playing in it while admiring the magnificent mountain vistas. You can also gain experience climbing the peak while trekking through hiking pathways that lead you up the mountain.

10. Banjosa Lake

Banjosa Lake, AJK - Waadi Swat

Banjosa Lake is a hidden treasure that you should not miss out on. It is situated in Rawalakot, Azad Kashmir, and is one of the famous tourist sites. You might want to take at least 4 hours out of your usual day-to-day activities and take a break on a journey to the great outdoors; ideally, you’d like to visit the lake between the months of April and October.

You won’t believe your eyes when you see how beautiful the lake is. It’s a prime location for sightseeing. You may fully appreciate the lake’s elegance by taking a boat ride on it. The lake offers views of the Banjosa waterfall as well. Overall, it is a captivating location, and you will be in awe of its grandeur. There, visitors unwind by taking it easy while shooting pictures and enjoying the scenery. Perhaps you ought to visit there at least once.


When you want to enjoy a day filled with exploration and excitement, picking just one location is challenging. This is why we’ve made it simpler for you to choose and decide on a place to go on your one-day excursion. If you can’t decide, you might as well pick each one separately and let your wanderlust run wild.

Hope you enjoy and have a memorable experience!