Looking for the best hiking treks in Hunza Valley? You’re at the right place. Nowadays, people enjoy going for hikes and treks and taking outdoor walks. Relatively speaking, people today are more gregarious and like climbing mountains for amusement and pleasure as well as for physical fitness. Hunza Valley has some of the best hikes and treks, and we have included a handful of them for you so that you may relish your visit there.

Indeed, Hunza surely comes to mind instantly when you desire both hiking and enchanting splendor together. It is the ideal location for you to take part in sensual excursions that take you up the mountains and provide you with the finest perspectives. No matter how prolonged or brief the trek is, you will be lauded with a thrilling adventure.

If you’re up for an adventure, you’ll eventually land in Hunza presumably on a path ascending towards the phenomenal marvels that it has to offer, a tour to Hunza would always entail one or two hikes, so be equipped.

You should at least try one of the best treks in Hunza during your vacation, whether it’s a short excursion or a longer one; either way, you’ll be impressed! Below we’ve curated a list of all the finest hikes and treks that you should explore, take a look!

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Top 5 Best Hiking Treks in Hunza Pakistan

1. Duikar Valley (Eagle’s Nest)

In the Karakoram Range, Hunza is situated at the Eagle’s Nest. In essence, it is a hotel and viewpoint where guests can stay and take in the beautiful views of the Hunza Valley. From the nearby village of Karimabad, short excursions can take you to Eagle’s Nest.

To get to the peak, there are two options: either hike from the Altit fort or from behind the Baltit fort. individuals of all ages may be able to accomplish the hike, which lasts for around an hour or two. Tourists prevalently appreciate the sunset and sunrise sights from the top of the hill there, tourists also get to see the town’s majestic beauty from up there.

2. Patundas Meadows Hike

Patondas Trek Hunza
Patondas Trek Hunza

In the Upper Hunza, on a hill snuggled between the Batura and Passu glaciers, lies a summertime grazes known as Patundas Meadows. The hike begins at Borith Lake and ends around Passu, heading towards Batura. This climb is popular among enthusiastic people who enjoy the highlands because it is typically seen as a moderate, easygoing hike that doesn’t involve much exertion. You travel towards the end over the course of approximately two to three days.

The Patundas Top features a variety of incredible views from the top of the peak. You won’t be able to comprehend the spectacle you will be gazing at and you might not believe that it is a sight from this universe, but it will certainly stay in your mind for a long time.

The stunning views of the snow-capped summits and hovering fog will leave you astounded. The hike offers an aerial view of all the peaks, blessing your eyes with scrumptious scenic views.

Your journey to the outcome will be quite gratifying because you will get to see the iconic Passu Cones from all aspects. The site’s amazing views alone can make you want to visit it recurrently.

3. Ondra Poygah

In Gulmit, Hunza, there is an ancient archaeological site called Ondra Poygah. Ondra is the name of the fort, while Poygah means steps in Wakhi. Because the local residents who built the staircase broke a record by completing the endeavor within only 60 days, the location is very pertinent. Tourists adore the location because of its distinctive features and fascinating history. With roughly 1655 stairs, the stairs are recognized as Pakistan’s longest and highest stairs.

The historic Gulmit Shagaram, also known as the Polo Ground in the local tongue, serves as the starting point of the ascent and the medieval hilltop fort serves as the hike’s destination. The hike is very modest and fairly simple; after an hour of hiking only, visitors can reach the summit and take in the views of the Gulmit settlement.

On one hand, spring presents a more subtle outburst of colors with white and pink blooms from the cherry blossom trees, while the fall delivers a surge of hues that paints the trees and leaves in Gulmit with vivid colors of red, orange, etc.

From the top of the stairs, one can admire and photograph all of these views. The Attabad Lake, Passu Cones, Shisper Peak, and Gulmit Tower can all be observed from the fort.

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4. Baskochi Meadow Trek

Baskochi Meadows is one of the most rewarding easy hikes in Hunza Valley. It is located above Attabad Lake near Shishkat in Upper Hunza at a distance of 30 KM from Karimabad Hunza.

The trek is famous for getting the most beautiful aerial views of Attabad Lake, Villages in upper Hunza, and Passu cones. The total duration of the hike is 1 – 2 hours based on your stamina but the views once you reach the top are worthwhile. It’s easy and can be done by anyone who can do a basic 10000 steps daily.
Do yourself a favor and go hiking in Baskochi Meadows. 

5. Rakaposhi Base Camp Trek

Rakaposhi Base camp

Near a small settlement called Minapin, which lies at a sharp detour from the Karakoram highway on the southside, one approaches the Rakaposhi base camp. The trek is located in the Rakaposhi Range in Nagar Valley, Hunza. The most prominent peak in the valley is considered to be Rakaposhi.

The mountain is daunting to climb from any aspect, and it requires 2 to 3 days to reach the pinnacle, although it also varies on the individual. In order to hike in Rakaposhi, you must be physically fit. You will be able to see Rakaposhi’s elegant snow-capped mountain range and surreal glacier. You will experience gratification for your continued attempts to approach the base camp.


Urging for adventure with aesthetic and stunning landscapes? Then try one of the fantastic excursions that we’ve discussed and highlighted above. You can have a brilliant time and reap the benefits of these best treks while on your trip to Hunza, making your journey worthwhile and unforgettable.

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