Snow Lake and Hiper La Trek – Biafo Hisper La

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About Snow Lake Hisper La Trek 

Embarking on the Hisper La Trek commences with a thrilling jeep ride from Skardu to Askoli village. Begin the trek at Askoli village, journeying through the breathtaking Biafo Glacier until reaching the enchanting Snow Lake. Traverse this snowy expanse to access Hisper Nager via the majestic Hisper La. This pass, connecting with the Biafo Glacier in the Baltistan region, forms the world’s longest glacier traverse, culminating in a remarkable journey.

The Biafo Glacier and Hispar Glacier together span an impressive 126 kilometers, marking the longest stretch of glaciers outside the Polar Regions. Converging at the lofty 5,150-meter Hispar Pass, this grand icy pathway links the ancient realms of Nagar in the west and Askoli (referred to as “little Tibet”) in the east.

This historic route served as a vital connection between the Silk Road, the Indian subcontinent, China, and Tibet. In 1937, H.W. Tilman, an intrepid English trekker, claimed to have spotted yeti footprints on the glacier, adding a touch of mystery to its allure. Additionally, it was a path utilized by the people of Hunza for invasions into Askoli, later evolving into a more amicable means for Hunza residents to engage in polo matches with the Askoli populace.

The journey culminates in the stunning Hunza Valley, known as the Valley of Eternal Youth and home to some of the most progressive communities in the Northern Areas. Exploring Karimabad unveils visits to the Altit and Baltit Forts, offering breathtaking vistas from the Baltit Fort’s rooftop—an unforgettable experience in itself. Hunza’s residents are renowned for their longevity, and glaciologists conducting tests on the Snow Lake confirmed its snow depth to be a staggering one mile.

This remarkable expedition also provides ample opportunities to spot an array of rare animal species, including snow leopards, Himalayan bears, Ibex, Markhor, and occasionally, the elusive Marco Polo Sheep.

Max Altitude: 5150m Hisper La
Best Season:June  to September
Trek Duration: 12 Days
Range: Karakorum/Himalaya


  • Scenic Jeep Ride: The thrilling journey begins with a jeep ride from Skardu to Askoli village, setting the tone for the adventure ahead.
  • Biafo Glacier: Trekking through the stunning Biafo Glacier, which along with the Hispar Glacier, forms the longest stretch of glaciers outside the Polar Regions, spanning an impressive 126 kilometers.
  • Snow Lake: Reaching the enchanting Snow Lake, a breathtaking snowy expanse that serves as a highlight of the journey.
  • Hisper La Pass: Crossing the majestic Hisper La Pass at 5,150 meters, connecting the Biafo Glacier in Baltistan with the Hispar Glacier in Nagar, forming the world's longest glacier traverse.
  • Historical Significance: The route holds historical importance as a vital connection between the Silk Road, India, China, and Tibet. It was used for trade and cultural exchanges, with H.W. Tilman's claimed yeti footprints adding a touch of mystery.
  • Cultural Interactions: Historical use of the route for invasions and later for friendly polo matches between the people of Hunza and Askoli showcases the cultural significance of this ancient pathway.
  • Hunza Valley: Culminating in the stunning Hunza Valley, known as the Valley of Eternal Youth, offering visits to Altit and Baltit Forts with breathtaking vistas, including stunning views from the Baltit Fort's rooftop.
  • Longevity & Glaciology: Hunza's residents' reputation for longevity and glaciologists' tests confirming Snow Lake's staggering snow depth of approximately one mile add to the intrigue and uniqueness of the region.
  • Wildlife Encounters: Ample opportunities to spot rare animal species such as snow leopards, Himalayan bears, Ibex, Markhor, and the elusive Marco Polo Sheep along the trekking route.


  • Domestic Flight Tickets
  • All hotel accommodation (twin sharing room)
  • All trekking accommodation (twin sharing dome tent)
  • All domestic airport and road transfers
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner) and beverages/water
  • All transportation required in destination location
  • All trekking logistics (tents, non-personal equipment and tools etc.)
  • All bridge fees and camping site fees
  • Licensed professional guide as per government requirement.
  • Government trekking paperwork and permit fee
  • Support staff (cook, assistant(s) etc.)
  • Porter for personal luggage (14kgs) and mountaineering equipment (8kgs)
  • Snacks including dry fruits and tea/coffee during the trek
  • Waste management fees as per government requirement
  • Free refills of boiled drinking water on the trek
  • Islamabad and Skardu city tours (all entry fees included)
  • First aid medicine kit (basic)
  • Satellite phone for emergencies
  • Trekking map
  • International airfare
  • Visa to Pakistan
  • Travel insurance
  • Personal mountain equipment
  • Personal equipments (e.g. trekking shoes, down jacket, walking sticks etc)
  • Extra nights in Islamabad (Check out at 12pm sharp)
  • Personal Expenses (minibar, bottled water, phone calls, laundry, souvenir etc.)
  • Gratuities for guides, porters, staff etc.


A representative from our company will receive you at Islamabad International Airport. You will be transferred to the hotel. This is a chill day in the beautiful capital city. You are recommended to arrive earlier so that you will have time to relax and explore around. You may utilize this time to shop the trekking gear in Islamabad.  Overnight stay in Islamabad   Note: Pre-departure accommodation is not included in the cost.

Take the morning flight to Skardu from Islamabad. If weather permits, you may experience aerial views of Nagapa Parbat and Himalayan, Karakoram Ranges during the flight. Your guide will receive you at Skardu Airport  Transfer to the hotel in Skardu  Skardu is the Capital of the Baltistan region.  Our team will look after the trekking permit matters on this day.  You may purchase the missing gear from Skardu Market on this day.  Overnight stay in Skardu 

Our team will be busy in food procurement and gear setting for the trek.  Skardu is a beautiful destination with many places to hike and explore around. You may use this time to explore the bazaars, market hunt, or go for a hike.  We will do the lunch tiger as a team and in the late afternoon, we will hike to Kharpocho Fort as a group. This is an optional activity.    Note: This is a buffer day for the flight cancellation.

Begin the trek by heading from Skardu to Askoli, marking the initiation of your trekking experience. This is going to be a bumpy and rough ride. The approximate time to reach Askoli is 6 - 8 hours depending upon the road condition.  Transfer to a very basic lodge in Askoli.  Overnight stay in Askoli 

Start the day early in the morning  Trek onward from Askoli, reaching the picturesque Namla, surrounded by natural beauty. Stay: Camps  Total Distance: 12 KM  Time: 8 hours ~ Altitude: 3570m  

Continue your journey, trekking to Mango, where nature's wonders await. Stay: Camps Distance: 7KM  Approx Time: 6 hours Altitude: 3715m

Traverse through breathtaking landscapes to reach Biantha, taking in the awe-inspiring surroundings. Stay: Camps  Distance: 11KM  Time: 7 hours Altitude: 4040m

Take a well-deserved break in Biantha, allowing time for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Resume the trek, proceeding towards Marfogoro amidst the captivating terrain. Stay: Camps Distance: 11KM  Time: 6 hours Altitude: 4300m

Reach the stunning Snow Lake, a highlight of the journey, and relish a day amidst its mesmerizing beauty. Stay: Camps Distance: 10KM Time: 08 Hours Altitude: 4585m 

Continue the trek towards Hispar Base, experiencing the changing landscapes along the way. Stay: Camps Distance: 11KM Time: 6 Hours  Altitude: 5150M

Embark on the trail towards Khani Base, immersing yourself in the unfolding natural wonders. Stay: Camps Distance: 4KM Time: 5 Hours Altitude: 4470M

Continue trekking to Yutmaru, reveling in the breathtaking vistas and the trekking experience. Stay: Camps Distance: 10KM Time: 6 Hours Altitude: 4138m

Trek to Bitanmal, where the beauty of nature continues to amaze at every step. Stay: Camps Distance: 8 KM  Time: 7 Hours Altitude: 3765m

Trek to Falaling Chish from Bitanmal on this day  Stay: Camps Distance: 5 Km  Time: 6 Hours Altitude: 3605m

Continue the trek towards Hispar, experiencing the essence of the region's natural grandeur. This is going to be the last camp stay in the beautiful Hisper Valley  Stay: Camps Distance: 15 KM  Time: 8 Hours  Altitude: 2300m

Take the jeep ride to reach Karimabad  Finally, you are staying in a hotel after multiple camp stays.  Free time for rest after a strenuous trek.  Overnight stay in Hunza 

Day free in central Hunza to explore the magnificent valley with immensely beautiful views.  You may visit the historic forts in central Hunza, visit the tourist market in Karimabad  Duikar viewpoint is the best place for sunset  Overnight stay in Hunza/Gilgit

Take the morning flight to Islamabad  Transfer to the hotel in Islamabad  Optional: Afternoon Islamabad city tour  Farewell dinner at Monal, the highest point in Islamabad  Overnight stay in Islamabad Note: Road trip to Naran/Islamabad on this day in the case of flight cancellation.   

The flight to Gilgit is subject to weather. For this reason, we are keeping this extra day to avoid travel hassle.  You may explore the beautiful Islamabad city, Rawalpindi, or even Peshwar on this day.  Overnight stay in Islamabad 

Conclude the adventure and prepare to depart for your next destination, cherishing the memories of this remarkable journey. Note: Post-departure accommodation is not included 



Frequently asked questions

Snow Lake is a gigantic ice lake that connects Biafo Glacier on the south and Hisper Glacier on the north. This trek is called Hisper La trek. There are multiple treks that pass through Snow Lake. Below is the list of the treks. 1. Hisper La Trek: Biafo - Snow Lake - Hisper 2. Lupke La Trek: Biafo - Snow Lake - Shimshal(Lupke La) 3. Khurdupin La Trek: Biafo - Snow Lake - Shimshal(Khurdupin La)

  • The trek typically spans between 12 - 14 days, depending on the chosen route and pace.

The ideal time is during the summer months, from June to September, ensuring more stable weather conditions and accessible trails.

This trek is challenging, demanding a moderate to high level of fitness due to high altitudes, rough terrain, and long trekking hours.

Yes, trekkers typically need permits obtained through tour operators or local agencies, coordinating with the relevant authorities.

The trek often starts from Askoli village and includes crossing the Biafo Glacier, reaching Snow Lake, traversing Hisper La, and concluding at Karimabad or Hunza Valley.

You will be staying in Camps throughout the trek. 

Risks include altitude sickness, challenging terrain, unpredictable weather, and limited medical facilities in remote areas.

Essential gear includes sturdy hiking boots, warm clothing, sleeping bags, trekking poles, and a reliable backpack.

Yes, tour operators often facilitate arrangements for porters, guides, or mules to carry equipment or assist trekkers.

Limited emergency services are available; carrying a first aid kit and having insurance for medical emergencies is advisable.

Trekkers will ascend to altitudes exceeding 5,000 meters; acclimatization and gradual ascent are crucial for managing altitude sickness.

Respecting local customs, seeking permission for photos, and dressing modestly are essential cultural etiquettes to follow.

Many tour operators offer customizable packages to cater to specific preferences and group sizes.

Himalayan wildlife such as snow leopards, bears, ibex, and various bird species are occasionally spotted along the trekking route.

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