Explore Lahore

Lahore, the second-largest city in Pakistan after Karachi, is known as the City of Gardens. It offers a vibrant window into Pakistan’s rich history and culture, having been influenced by Mughal, Sikh, and British rulers. This blend of influences is evident in the city’s diverse religious sites, architecture, bustling markets, mosques, fashion, and lifestyle.

Must-See Places in Lahore: 

Lahore boasts a treasure trove of historical, cultural, and religious landmarks that are worth a visit. The Old City, a walled area within the city, spans just one square kilometer and houses some of Lahore’s most notable attractions. Here are some key landmarks to include in your Lahore tour:

  • Lahore Fort
  • Badshahi Mosque
  • Wazir Khan Mosque
  • Shahi Hamam
  • Minar e Pakistan
  • Shalimar Garden
  • Lahore Museum
  • Wagah Border and Parade Ceremony
  • Old Lahore
  • Delhi Gate
  • Mall Road
  • Anarkali Bazar
  • Packages Mall

Explore Shopping in Lahore: 

In addition to its historical charm, Lahore is a hub of education, fashion, food, and shopping. Take the time to discover some of the city’s popular shopping destinations during your Lahore tour:

  • Mall Road
  • Anarkali Bazar
  • Food Street Fort Road
  • Old Food Street
  • Packages Mall
  • Emporium Mall
  • Mall of Lahore
  • Fortress Mall and more

Meet the People of Lahore: 

As a cultural and religious melting pot, Lahore is home to a diverse population with various beliefs. With a population exceeding 15 million, the city welcomes Sikhs, Hindus, Afghans, and Muslims, offering a glimpse into the tapestry of Pakistan’s society.

Come and experience the rich heritage, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality of Lahore – a city that captures the essence of Pakistan’s past and present.


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