Hunza Valley travel guide will give you a very clear picture of what actually Hunza Valley is. Hunza Valley will leave you astounded because of the splendor of the cosmos that can be witnessed there. The Hunza Valley is a heavenly paradise with enticing beauty and majestic mother nature, making it the pinnacle of travel and tourism in Pakistan.

Before embarking on the most incredible adventure of your life, we’ve produced a comprehensive travel guide to the Hunza Valley so you can learn everything there is to know.

Hunza Tour Packages – 2024By Air/RoadDuration
5 Days Tour to Hunza ValleyBy Air5 Days/ 4 Nights
3 Days Hunz TripBy Air3 Days/ 2 Nights
Hunza & Nanga Parbat Tour By Air10 Days/ 9 Nights
Cherry Blossom Hunza TourBy Air7 Days/ 6 Nights
Hunza Pakistan Autumn TourBy Air7 Days/ 6 Nights
Hunza Road Trip (7 Days)By Road7 Days/ 6 Nights

About Hunza Valley

The Hunza Valley is a region with diverse landscapes, phenomenal sites to see, and extremely warm and welcoming locals who welcome visitors with open arms. So here is everything you’ll need to know about the Hunza Valley.

Where is Hunza Valley?

The Hunza Valley is a highland area that borders the Xinjiang region of China and is nestled in the northern part of Pakistan’s Gilgit-Baltistan state. Karimabad, the capital of the Hunza Valley, offers sweeping views of the gorgeous Rakaposhi mountain range to both visitors and inhabitants. From there, you can also pause and explore the fabled Karakoram Highway.

What are the regions of Hunza Valley?

Hunza is basically separated into three geographic regions;

  • Upper Hunza
  • Central Hunza
  • Lower Hunza

The central region is allegedly the most talked-about, despite the fact that all of the regions are equally well-known and provide visitors with hypnotic scenery and attractions.

Is Hunza Valley Safe to Visit?

Of course, the Hunza Valley in Pakistan is the safest place for foreigners to visit, as Gilgit-Baltistan in the country’s north is recognized as the safest and most tranquil region nationwide. Tourists visit Hunza and wander around without any security concerns. This is the reason why Hunza Valley receives a lot of visitors every year.

Weather in Hunza Valley?

Due to its elevation and geographic location, Hunza Valley has varying weather conditions throughout the year. The optimal time to travel to Hunza is from May to October because these months have lovely weather and seasons; there is an influx of tourists there during this time.

Given that the summers in Hunza are often mild and the maximum temperature is estimated to be around 31°C, the weather is generally nice during these months. In contrast, the wintertime temperature might even drop to 0°C or even go below that.

How are the people in Hunza?

People in the Hunza Valley are regarded as being very hospitable and accommodating; tourists who travel there have a wonderful time with the locals since they value visitors from all over the world coming to their region and neighborhood. The locals there are optimistic, cordial, and courteous to visitors.

How to get to Hunza Valley?

You can go to Hunza Valley using the following possible methods of transportation:

  • By car
  • By bus
  • By plane

The amount of time it takes to get there varies depending on the mode of transportation you choose to go to the Hunza Valley. When you reach there, you might have to rent jeeps to move around to explore some of the areas as well.

Hunza Valley Culture

Hunza festival brings together people from GB, Afghanistan - Pakistan - DAWN.COM

What is the religion of the people of Hunza Valley?

Ismaili Islam is practiced by those who live in the Hunza Valley. The majority of the population of the Hunza Valley is known to be Ismaili Muslims, who belong to the far less conservative Shia Imami Ismaili Muslim sect. His Highness Aga Khan, the spiritual head of the Ismaili Muslims, is still alive and actively strives to advance the Ismaili community in various ways.

What is the language that is spoken in Hunza Valley?

The light-skinned inhabitants of the Hunza Valley; the Hunzakuts, speak a variety of languages there, including Shina, Balti, Burushaski, and Wakhi. Additionally, Urdu, Pashto, and English are all extremely well-spoken languages there.

Traditional foods of Hunza Valley

Tourists can find the locals’ one-of-a-kind and distinctive traditional foods to be very fascinating. One thing is certain: the locals there utilize apricot and walnut oil in the majority of their dishes, and they cook a cuisine that is either spice-less or includes very little spice with fresh and organic ingredients. The Hunza Valley’s primary traditional foods include the following:

  • Phitti (Traditional Bread)
  • Burus Berikutz (Cheese Bread)
  • Chapshuro (Traditional Pizza)
  • Giyalin (Traditional Crepes)
  • Baterin xy Dawdo (Dried Apricot Soup)

Traveling to Hunza Valley

Places to visit in Hunza Valley

If you want to be amazed by the phenomenal beauty of the sites that the Hunza Valley has to offer then be sure to visit all of these places:

  • Baltit Fort
  • Altit Fort
  • Attabad Lake
  • Hussaini Suspension Bridge
  • Borith Lake
  • Sost
  • Eagle’s Nest Duikar
  • Ondra Poygah
  • Rakaposhi Peak
  • Karimabad

Activities to do in Hunza Valley

In order to ensure that visitors to Hunza Valley have the time of their lives, the region offers a variety of activities, creating incredible and memorable memories for them. The following is a rundown of what the valley has to offer:

  • Camping
  • Swimming
  • Eco tours
  • Skiing
  • Safari tours
  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Hiking and Trekking
  • Mountaineering
  • Mountain Biking
  • Horse riding
  • Shopping
  • Gliding

Traveling Gear: What to bring?

When traveling to Hunza Valley, you should be prepared for everything and anything, hence, your travel gear should include the following:

  • Hiking shoes
  • Water bottles
  • Basic food items
  • Local sim
  • Sunscreen
  • Power Banks
  • Warm clothes
  • Camping gear
  • Basic medications

Overall impressions of Hunza Valley

We really believe that you will not regret visiting the Hunza Valley; it is an absolutely astounding location. The Hunza Valley is a hidden gem with something for everyone who aspires to explore it. The Hunza Valley is the dream location for you to visit, from the friendly locals to the stunning vistas, it offers it all.


Since we have put in every effort to incorporate everything you might need to know and be mindful of before you get to really experience the entire adventure, we sincerely hope that our travel guide to the Hunza Valley will be helpful for you.

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