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In this post, we’ll show you the cultural diversity of Pakistan. Pakistan is a country that showcases a broad spectrum of cultural diversity; it is a very malleable nation in terms of culture, religion, and ethnicity. The four provinces account for the country’s multicultural composition. The heterogeneity of Pakistan’s population is what makes it so interesting. Tourists are frequently enthralled by the peculiarity and customs of the numerous cultures that are present in Pakistan, which adds to the country’s glory and suaveness. 

Pakistan has a range of cultures, each of which is distinct from the others and worth noting for its cultural richness. Gilgit to Muhajirs, Sindhis to Punjabis, and even Pashtuns can indeed be seen, but there’s more to it. Since Pakistan has an ancient legacy, all of these cultural communities have migrated here after emerging from various ethnic origins. As a result, Pakistan now has a plethora of cultures, traditions, lifestyles, cuisine, and other aspects that together make it a single, cohesive nation. What Pakistan actually has in store for you will be revealed to you in a lighthearted manner below.

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Culture - Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Pakistan has a substantial percentage of ethnicities and includes about fifteen ethnic groups, although the most notable and major ones among them are six, which are recognized to be the Punjabi, Pashtun, Urdu Speakers (Muhajir), Siraiki, Balochi, and Sindhi. All of these groups are classified into regions and provinces. For instance, Pashtuns are primarily found in the KPK region, Gilgit residents are in Gilgit-Baltistan in the north, Sindhis are in the south of Pakistan, and Baloch residents are in the Balochistan Province. Because each of these ethnic groups has its own unique traditions, rituals, and ways of doing things, it attracts and amuses individuals of other cultures to discover what other cultures have to offer inside their own country.



How Many Languages are there in Pakistan? | Mars Translation

Language diversity is a result of the diversity of various ethnicities and cultures. There are an estimated 70–80 languages spoken in Pakistan since there are additional splits among the aforementioned ethnic groupings that result in linguistic diversity among members of the same community. Urdu is the primary national tongue of the nation, but other important ethnolinguistic groupings like Pashto, Balti, Wakhi, Burushaski, Shina, Punjabi, Siraiki, Sindhi, Balochi, etc. are also spoken there.

The capacity to speak in a range of languages among Pakistani household members reflects the inclusiveness among many ethnic groups in the country’s culture. But in the contemporary period, English has been spoken more frequently than either people’s native tongues or even their respective ethnic tongues. This is large because Pakistanis have become increasingly influenced by western society, which has led them to compromise one national language at the expense of another.

Family Structure

Family Structure: Joint family or living separately from in-laws|Pros and  Cons - Dribbling Thoughts

Pakistanis place a high priority on collectivism within their societies, and the word’s definition indicates that members of the society are interconnected and dependent on one another. Therefore, as the name implies, it denotes a vast, joint or extended family structure that has cohabited over the years. Although this collectivist heritage has been upheld over the years, the current era has moved in the direction of individualism. As you may still find this system in some parts of Pakistan, traditional and rural societies still adhere to collectivism’s principles.

In the current era, individualism has advanced, urban dwellers are now much more autonomous, and nuclear families are preferred as people are now more prone to have distinct independent homes, adhering to western norms.



Food in Pakistan - What You Can Expect When You Visit Pakistan|Parhlo.com

Pakistani people place a high value on food, and you may often see them interacting with one another over meals. The popular dishes that Pakistanis favor include biryani, karahi, nihari, etc. You’ll discover that Pakistanis are passionate cuisine lovers. The brilliant colors, spices, distinct flavors, and excellent utilization of meat make up the richness of Pakistani cuisine. You won’t find pork here because people in Pakistan exclusively consume Halal meat and Halal cuisine. So, why not give all Halal cuisine a chance?

Dining Manners

Eating Together | Nestlé

In Pakistan, people are expected to adopt certain eating manners when they dine. The entire family must sit down on the floor or at a table with their entire meal prepared in front of them. While consuming, they must converse with one another about their daily routine, issues, anything that may be bothering them, gossip, etc.



Is Pakistani music losing its identity? - Music - Images

Pakistanis take pride in the various and intricate music of their country. The Qawwalis and Ghazals sung by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Noor Jehan, and the Sabri brothers are perennial favorites of Pakistanis because they are just magical to the ear. A few of the several well-known folk musicians include Abida Parveen and Atta Ulla Khan Esakhelvi. Atif Aslam and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan are two famous pop performers from Pakistan.

As new and youthful musicians like Hassan Raheem, Maanu, Taha G, and others are producing some amazing singles that the youth of today adore, Pakistani contemporary music has seen a drastic change. Furthermore, in 2022, Coke Studio stepped it up and produced worldwide hits.


Pakistan on Twitter: "Sindhi - A socio-ethnic group of people originating  from Sindh, a province of modern-day Pakistan. Originating from India,  living there for hundreds of years. https://t.co/dMGVaYmrmT" / Twitter

The traditional clothing of Pakistan is the shalwar kameez, which is worn both by males and females, but the style might change depending on the current fashion. Each individual ethnic group has its own traditional piece of clothing.

Depending on the ethnic group they come from, traditional clothing for both men and women varies. The ethnic groups all have some form of accessory that depicts their own culture, if not clothing. The majority of individuals nowadays, however, wear jeans and t-shirts and have developed their own personal style following the westernized culture.


Speakers call for tapping Pakistani handicrafts export potential -  Islamabad Post

Pakistani handicrafts are well known and are historical precedents of diverse cultural heritage. Each craftwork incorporates a variety of artistic mediums, giving it a more distinctive appeal that highlights the culture and tradition of the nation. Worldwide, Pakistani craftsmen are acclaimed for their exquisite handiwork. Pottery, caps, mugs, shawls, rugs, and other prominent crafts are well-known to both locals and visitors for their distinctiveness and lavish appeal.



Why not plan a trip to Pakistan and come and experience it all for yourself? The cultural diversity of Pakistan will just astound and delight you as visitors adore the variety of cultures that Pakistan has to offer.

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Chris Damant
Baby as always ❤
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Rvel Zahid
Still in awe after watching picturesque sights at Hunza It was our company (Cricingif) trip managed by the cordial staff of Exploria. The AC coaster bus was in good condition and we didn't experience any problems in our journey to Gilgit Baltistan from Lahore. The hotels that they booked for us were good and I really enjoyed the indigenous music performance at Heavens Lodge hotel. Food was fine too as I was concerned about the hygiene, but it all turned out fine in the end. They can improve in the realm of guiding tourists at the spots that they take us to and share interesting insights about all those spectacular places in the beautiful Hunza valley. Nanga Parbat, Rakaposhi, Husseini Bridge, Forts, and Attabad Lake are all worth watching. I see Exploria becoming a top-notch company very soon if they continue to focus on providing immaculate services and keep customer satisfaction high. Thank you for a memorable trip!
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Sadam-Hussain Palh
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Kaukab Mughal
Group of Young Tour guides in Pakistan, there Services are commendable, reliable and one of the best from Karachi to Northern areas. Good keep it up Boys 💚🇵🇰💚🇵🇰💚🇵🇰💚🇵🇰💚🇵🇰💚🇵🇰💚🇵🇰💚
Stories of GilgitBaltistan
Stories of GilgitBaltistan
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waseem barcha
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