Islamabad, as you are all aware, is a city of miracles with lush green grass all around, relatively minimal traffic, and decent weather. So, why not get in the mood, pack your stuff, ignite your engines, and travel to one of the best weekend getaways from Islamabad if you are bored with your typical day-to-day routine?

The iconic locations listed below are some of the destinations you may explore on a short vacation with ease and have a special time, whether you’re with family or friends. In addition to taking a breather from all of the tedious things you need to escape from, you might have a terrific experience on your weekend getaway from Islamabad.

6 Splendid Weekend Getaways from Islamabad

1. Murree

11 Best Hotels in Murree, Pakistan

One of the first places that comes to mind while considering a weekend getaway from Islamabad is Murree. Murree is a fantastic spot to go on a mini vacation. You can stroll around and take in the glorious, fresh mountain air while doing some shopping on Mall Road, which is a longtime favorite of women.

The kids are beings that are not to be ignored, so Murree has something exciting for them as well, you can also take them to the Sozo Adventure Park to keep them entertained. Increased overcrowding and commercialization have caused some damage to the area slightly ruining the image of the place, but if it’s off-season you can easily go there and have fun while exploring the natural beauty of the hill station.

Overall, Murree is an extremely well-known place that everyone adores visiting when they have free time, so why not give it a try?

2. Thandiani

Thandiani Places To Visit - Tourist Attraction of Thandiani

Thandiani, a hill station in Abbottabad, might be one of the incredible places you’d want to travel to for a delightful weekend getaway. Stunning scenery and sightseeing facilities for tourists are available there for them to enjoy. The hill’s captivating magnificence is there for you to admire because it is the perfect setting for any individual who cherishes the serenity of nature.

The winters offer the opportunity to see a mountain covered in snow, while the summers are lovely but you may want to bring some warm clothing if you are prone to feeling cold quickly.

3. Bumburet Valley

Bumburet - Wikipedia

The Bumburet Valley is the biggest valley in Chitral’s Kalash District. The valley has a wide variety of wildlife species and is covered with forests. The valley is renowned as a scenic masterpiece and provides its tourists with some medicinal benefits as well because of its distinct environment.

You can travel there and return in a weekend’s time even if it takes 9 hours to get to the valley by vehicle. It would be a sweet and brief weekend getaway. Whether you travel alone or with family and friends, you won’t regret it. This trip will be spectacular and unforgettable. The valley has something to do for everyone, including riding, hiking, bird watching, and even cave delving.

Bumburet is the dream location for anyone seeking a pleasant escape or a weekend encompassed with activities!

4. Kallar Kahar

Kallar Kahar, Pakistan 2022: Best Places to Visit - Tripadvisor

A short distance from Islamabad, Kallar Kahar is a popular tourist attraction. It takes about one and a half hours to get there. Freshwater lakes, peacocks wandering free, and even the aesthetically pleasing nature of the gardens are some of the highlights of the area.

The location’s tremendous worth is earned due to the Takht-e-Barbi, a stone stage built by the Mughal Emperor Babar. The site’s notoriety is also greatly aided by the Kallar Kahar Museum.

In order to keep the kids entertained during the trip, there are a few rides located near the lake. Overall, Kallar Kahar is another fabulous weekend getaway for you to relax and unwind from all of your daily concerns.

5. Naran

Top 10 Places to Visit in Naran Valley, KPK, Pakistan

In the upper Kaghan Valley of Mansehra, KPK, there is a settlement called Naran, which is a popular tourist destination. It’s the prime location to spend some time and take in the charms of the valley. You would only need roughly 6 hours to drive to the valley. This weekend trip will give you the opportunity to visit the enchanting fairyland that everyone appreciates.

The popular tourist destination of Saif-ul-Malook is accessible to you in Naran where boating, fishing, hiking, mountaineering, and even camping is all possible there. The verdant meadows and wooded areas of Lalazar are thought to have the finest natural beauty there.

6. Kund

Kund Malir — for the love of seas, mountains and deserts - Daily Times

In Punjab, there is a fascinating location called Kund that joins two rivers, the Kabul and the Indus. By car, it would take about two hours to get there. The area used to provide views of the confluence of the two rivers and the merging of the two hues, but it is now a picnic area where people travel from all over the nation to entertain themselves.

Since it offers activities like boating, fishing, some rides for kids, and exquisite restaurants for you to dine in and enjoy, the location has also developed into a source of amusement.


Due to people’s progressively busy schedules, taking longer vacations is becoming more difficult. As a result, a short weekend getaway could be arranged and is greatly needed. Accordingly, the places listed above for a fantastic weekend getaway from Islamabad are all you need to know in order to take a break and blow off some steam all weekend.