Welcome to K2 Viewpoints, your guide to the world’s most awe-inspiring viewpoints of the majestic K2. Nestled within the rugged beauty of Pakistan’s Karakoram Range, K2 stands tall at 8,611 meters, inviting adventurers to witness its grandeur from remarkable vantage points.

Our blog is a tribute to the breathtaking viewpoints that offer glimpses of K2’s sheer magnificence. From the exhilarating trails leading to Concordia and the Gondogoro La Pass to the serene valleys surrounding Savage Mountain, we uncover the trekking routes and experiences that unveil the unparalleled beauty of K2.

Many travelers inquired if there are any viewpoints to see k2 since going to the K2 base camp is not everyone’s cup of tea. Here we have listed the points from where you could see the k2. 

  1. Rush Lake 

Rush Lake is considered to be one of the highest alpine Lakes in the world. The lake is located at an altitude of 4700m. It takes 3-4 days to reach Rush Lake from Hunza Valley. K2 can be seen from a viewpoint near Rush Lake called K2 viewpoint.
The complete tour package of Rush Lake Trek can be found in the link below.

2. Machulo La 

Starting from Skardu, follow the Indus River and then the Shiok River. A few kilometers before Khaplu, you’ll find the small Kharkoo village on the north side. Begin a short trek from there, leading through a small valley up to Machulo La. At an altitude of 4600 meters, you can perfectly view K2 in the northeast direction from this point. After experiencing the breathtaking sight, it’s possible to descend and reach Machulo village in the Hushey Valley from Machulo La.

We offer tours to Machulo La. Do contact us if you want further information regarding the Machulo La viewpoint trek. 

3. Iqbal Point
The name Iqbal Point has been called after a local guide Iqbal been offering the trek to the viewpoint for a while. It’s the quickest way around to catch sight of K2 and other central Karakoram mountains like Broad Peak, Gasherbrum Peaks, and Mashabrum.
The trek begins from Kanday village and takes two days to reach the top, and one day to come back down to Kanday village. Hence, the Iqbal point is the shortest way to get to see the k2.

We offer the trek to Iqbal Point to get the views of K2. 

4. Humbrok Viewpoint 

Humbrok is a viewpoint of K2 located in the Hushe Valley of Khaplu in Baltistan. Hambrok’s viewpoint is considered to be the nearest viewpoint to see the k2 peak in this region. You can see the K2 after just 2 nights of camping and return in 1 day. Hence it is considered to be the easiest and nearest point in Hushey region to see the K2. 

5. Barah Broq Point 

The Barah Valley sits close to Khaplu, on the south side of the Shyok River. It’s known for its delicious apricots. The Barah Broq Trek is quite simple. It takes you to the base camp of Moses Peak. To catch sight of K2, you need to reach the top of Moses Peak. From there, the view is incredible! You can see some of the most famous mountains in the world: K2, Nanga Parbat, Spantik, Latok, Broad Peak, Mashabrum, Ghashabrum I-II-III-IV, Chogholingsa, K7, K6, K12, and many other snow-covered peaks.

6. Burge La Pass 

One of the viewpoints of K2 is Burjeh La(Pass) from Deosai Plains. You reach the base of Burjeh La in Jeep. In Deosai, you can camp amidst lush green flowery sites. The next day, begin your climb towards Burgeh La (pass). After a challenging hike of 5-6 hours, you’ll arrive and catch your breath while admiring the majestic peaks like K2, Nanga Parbat, Spantik, Broad Peak, Latok, Mashabrum, Gashabrum I-II-III-IV, and many other snow-covered peaks. You’ll camp at the historical pass campsite, once traversed by Mr. Geofrey Thomas Vigne, the first European to cross this pass in 1843 while heading to Skardu. Descend through a narrow gorge, and in about 5 hours, you’ll arrive back in Skardu.

Above are some of the known points from where you could see the K2 and other 8,000m peaks. All of the above points are nontechnical and easy to reach. Feel free to contact us if you are looking for a guided tour to either of these points to see K2.