Pakistan is a country with immense beauty offering to explore. When you travel from north to south, you experience a dynamic change in the landscapes. Northern Areas of Pakistan consist of the mightiest mountains. When you travel towards the south, you see the mountains getting shorter and eventually turn into the plains.

Pakistan is famous not just for the landscapes but also for the culture and unique traditions. The hospitality of Pakistanis is recognized by all the travelers visiting Pakistan.

Though it’s very difficult to shrink down the destinations to 10 however, we are listing the top 10 places based on the frequent visits by the domestic and foreign travelers and their experience about the places.

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Places In Pakistan

Here goes the list of the top 10 most beautiful tourist places in Pakistan.

10. Murree and Nathia Gali

On our top of list of the list of most scenic places in Pakistan is Murree. It is located some 45 Km away from Islamabad Pakistan. It is considered to be the best weekend escape both for domestic and international. These destinations are high in demand throughout the year. Muree is a place covered by dense alpine forests. You can get the finest resorts, guest houses for your stay.

Activities you can do in Murree

  1. Patriata chair lift
  2. Evening walk in the mall road
  3. Hike to Mushkpuri top(1-hour hike from Dunga Gali)
  4. Enjoy the street food in Mall road and Nathia Gali
  5. Relax in one of the hotels with the views
  6. Snowfall experience during the winter

09. Lahore

Lahore is known as the cultural hub of Pakistan. It is a huge city with a population of over 10 million people. The city remains lit day night. The city is famous for some of the architectural monuments built by Mughals, the street food, Shrines, parks, and the hospitality of the people.

Your tour starts with exploring the magnificent Badshahi Mosque Lahore.

Badshahi Mosque

Then you visit Shahi Hamam, head to Wazir Khan Mosque.

wazir khan Mosque

You will then head to Minar Pakistan. In the evening you must visit the old food street next to the Badshahi mosque. On the next day, you explore Shalimar gardens and immerse yourself in the streets, Bazars, and malls of the city. Travelers enjoy the diversity offered by the city.

08. K2 Base Camp Trek

k2 from Concordia

K2 is known as the crown of Karakoram. The path winds its way along the great Braldu Valley from the remote village of Askole before ascending the Baltoro Glacier to Concordia. Also, Located 12km (7.5 miles) from K2, Concordia is one of the few places on Earth where four 8,000m (26,247ft) peaks can be seen from one location: K2, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum I, and Gasherbrum II.

k2 view from Concordia

K2 is the second-highest peak yet most rewarding trek in the world. The view of K2 from Concordia will make your challenging trek worthwhile. If you are a trekking lover and wish to challenge your physical fitness, the K2 base camp trek is the place you must go.

Porters carrying luggage to K2 base camp
Porters carrying luggage to K2 base camp

More details and FAQs about K2 Base camp trek are mentioned in our tour to K2 base camp and Gondogorola trek.

07. Naran Kaghan

Naran and Kaghan are the most visited places by domestic travelers. These destinations are located at some 6 hours of a road trip from the capital city of Pakistan. On your tour to Naran Kaghan, you will be exploring many beautiful destinations. This includes Mansehra, Chatterplains, Balakot, Shogran than Kaghan. All these lush green destinations with rival kunal flowing against your way.

View from Babusar top
View from Babusar top

Visiting Lake saiful mulook and Babusar top is mandatory on your tour to Naran Kaghan. On your tour to Naran, you cover many tourist destinations.

06. Phander Valley

Phander is considered to the heaven on Earth by travelers. It is a unique destination with Zigzag Rivers spread all over the valley which eventually flows into the magnificent Phander Lake. It is one of the best places for camping and fishing in the entire country.

On your tour to Phander, you experience the amazing countless valleys of the Ghizer District. Khalti Lake is a must-stop on the tour to Phander valley. It is a peaceful place with extremely hospitable locals.

Do yourself a favor and add Phander valley to your bucket list of the 10 best places to visit in Pakistan in 2024. This will be an experience worthwhile.

05. Kashmir and Neelum Valley

Azad Kashmir is located in the northeast of Pakistan. Kashmir is the place where you experience the magnificent valleys with wooden cottages, the rivers, peaceful nature, dense forests, places for a hike, and the beautiful Arang Kel.

Kashmir and Neelum Valley

On your tour to Kashmir, you will be experiencing the beautiful valleys of Neelum. Your stop in Keran and kuttan where you enchant yourself with the much-needed peace of your mind. You will head to Sharda where you will be experiencing the lush green landscapes all over with sharda river separating the two halves of Sharda town.


Visit Sharda University, and enjoy the fresh for your meal by the back of sharda river Kel and Arang kel are the two valleys separated by the Neelam River. Arang Kel is the place you dream about. Must have a night stay in Arang Kel.

04. Kalash Valley

Kalasha tribe is a unique and isolated community based in the north of Chitral. This small community is known for its culture, religion, festivals, and traditions. In 2019, UNESCO added Kalash to the list of intangible cultural heritage. This culture is part of our national heritage.

Kalash community
Kalasha tribe
Kalasha tribe in their traditional costume
Kalasha tribe in their traditional costume

Kalasha community is spread over the three major villages; Bumburette, Rambur, and Birir. Inhabitants of Kalash are unique with different costumes.

Four major festivals are celebrated in the region based on four seasons of the year. The famous weeklong festival of Kalash, Chilam Joshi festival is celebrated in the month of May.

03. Swat Valley

Swat is a huge destination with multiple attractions for both locals and internationals. Some of the famous places to visit in Swat are Malam Jabba, Mingora, Kalam, Ushu Forest, Mahudand Lake, Miandam, and Mahudand. Mingora is located at four hours of a road trip from Islamabad.

Swat Valley

Swat has become one of the most popular destinations to visit in the country after the place beings released from Tabliban. Swat has the best destinations for sightseeing, skiing, boating, trekking, and excursion.

02. Skardu

Gilgit Baltistan has been the most selling tourist destination for international tourists since the 1950s. Skardu is a sum of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the country and has an international airport. Skardu is the hub of trekkers and explorers. It has countless magnificent valleys where you can immerse for a deeper cultural insight. Be it sightseeing, the landscapes, the mountains, the lakes, deserts, glaciers, rivers. You name it and Skardu has it to offer you.

Shangrila lake

Some of the popular destinations you can visit in Skardu

  1. Shigar Valley and Shigar Fort
  2. Deosai Plains and sheosar lake
  3. Shangrila resort and upper kachura lake
  4. Manthuka and blind waterfall
  5. Khaplu Valley and Khaplu palace
  6. Cold Desert
  7. Hushe Valley
  8. Base camps of the four 8000ers are located in Skardu

01. Hunza Valley and Fairy Meadows

Hunza Valley and Fairy Meadows are the hottest selling destinations in Pakistan. The two are separate destinations but you can cover them in a single tour.

Hunza Valley
Hunza view from eagle nest
Experiences by Exploria at Khunjarab Pass Hunza
Experiences by Exploria at Khunjarab Pass Hunza

Hunza Valley is located in the north of most of Pakistan and is famous for the diverse landscapes, the ancient castles, the lakes, mighty mountain passes, and the hospitality of its inhabitants. The valley has much more to offer than sights and lakes. Do a deeper cultural immersion in Hunza valley to know its specialty.

Some of the popular destinations you can access from Hunza

  1. Hope valley in Nagar district
  2. Ancient forts of Hunza
  3. Attabad Lake and Passu Cones
  4. Khunjarab Pass and national park
  5. Rakaposhi base camp trek
  6. Duikar Valley (Eagles nest viewpoint)

Fairy Meadows is heaven for nature lovers. You reach Fairy Meadows in a 3 hours hike followed by an hour of daring jeep ride to tattu village. The moment you enter Fairy Meadows, the view of Naga Parbat enchants you within its magnificence. It’s the place where you would find peace of your mind.

Fairy Meadows
Beyal camp Fairy Meadows
Beyal camp Fairy Meadows

On your first night in Fairy Meadows, you will love the adventure you experience. The nonstop dance on the local beats with the bonfire keeps the valley lit and lively.

Don’t miss the hike to the Beyal camp where you get the closest view of Nanga Parbat with water streams and lush green forest on your way. Take a cup of soup at Beyal camp and return to Fairy meadows for another adventurous night

This makes Hunza Valley and Fairy Meadows the most attractive among the list of 10 beautiful places to visit in Pakistan in 2024.

Final Thoughts

Pakistan is a country of incredible diversity and natural beauty, making it a remarkable destination for travelers all over the world. From the towering peaks of the Northern Areas to the bustling streets of Lahore, from the serene lakes and valleys of Naran Kaghan to the unique culture of the Kalash tribe, Pakistan offers a wide range of experiences for all adventurers.

Whether you’re an avid trekker looking for a challenging journey to K2 Base Camp or seeking solace in the picturesque landscapes of Swat and Skardu, Pakistan has something for everyone. And, of course, the enchanting Hunza Valley and Fairy Meadows stand out as the jewels of the country, offering a blend of breathtaking landscapes and warm hospitality.

As you plan your travels for 2024, these 10 beautiful places in Pakistan should be on your must-visit list. Each destination promises a unique adventure and a chance to immerse yourself in the rich culture and natural wonders that this captivating country has to offer. So, pack your bags and get ready to explore the beauty of Pakistan in the coming year.