Have you ever slept under a starry sky? Or experienced a warm glow of a campfire on lush green grass, near enthralling waterfalls? If not, now is the time to get ready with your backpacks and beat the rush. We talk about traveling the world but often miss out on the basic adventures such as stargazing, overnight camping, or summer hiking. Why travel far, when you live in a country with a rich cultural heritage itself.

The northern areas, in particular, are considered the travel hub of Pakistan. From breathtaking landscapes to the world’s highest snow-capped mountains, Gilgit Baltistan is a home away from home. Whether it’s a freezing winter night or a misty Autumn morning, nature seems to be transitioning, bringing with itself a spectrum of colors. The serenity of the place gives a sense of belonging; the vibe so strong that it captures your soul. Away from the countryside, and everyday hustle, the enchanting valleys, and the cold breeze would leave you smiling, but speechless at the same time.

Fairly known as the land of pure, the northern paradise blessed with mother nature, doesn’t only stand out in terms of its mesmerizing beauty, but also in its enriched soil.  Gilgit Baltistan is the major producer of apricots with an average of 15 trees per household. It has ideal climatic conditions for the growth of a number of fruits, including cherries, and apples. Leading in the export of nuts, and dried fruits globally, it is also certified for organic and fair-trade products.

Referred to as the “Roof of the world”, Gilgit Baltistan is renowned for its mountain prodigy, with hundreds of glaciers feeding its rivers; Siachen glacier is the second-longest in the world. The Himalayas, the Karakorams, and the Hindukush are the three world-famous mountain ranges, which meet at fairy meadows. Due to their majestic beauty, fairy meadows can safely be called the heart of exotic northern Pakistan. For the trekkers, and travelers the fairy meadows Cottages are built at a distance of eight minutes hike from the main village and other tourist resorts with its breathtaking natural view of the great Nanga Parbat. This part of the north is the center of attraction for mountaineers from across the borders.

A trip to the north is not just a blissful adventure, but an entirely different learning experience in itself.  Apart from the natural beauty that the place holds, people of the north are as welcoming as the flowers in May.  The diverse ethnic groups present their own culture and are probably the friendliest people you may encounter. The local traditions, music, and dresses play an important role in differentiating and identifying the residents. Adding value to the surroundings, the cultural events, and religious festivals proves to be an important source of entitlement for the locals, and equally indulging for the tourists.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan a trip, and marvel at the beautiful sunsets of the north!