Chitral, which is located in the far north of Pakistan, is one of its mountainous regions. It is located in Pakistan’s northern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province beside the Chitral River. It serves as the Chitral District’s capital.

When it pertains to natural visual magnificence, the Chitral valley, which is nestled in Pakistan’s northern area, represents one of the most spectacular and popular destinations on the planet. Extremely compelling are its majestic mountains, salt springs, coniferous forests, hospitable people, and waterways abundant with the legendary trout fish.

The culture in Chitral is highly distinctive, and it is also the most tranquil region of Pakistan. So, moving forward, let us introduce you to the Popular Destinations in Chitral Valley, below we have mentioned all you need to know about Chitral Valley to make your trip more exciting and adventurous.

List of Best Places in Chitral to Visit

1. Kalash Valleys: Three Main Valleys in Chitral

The Kalash Valleys are among Chitral’s most well-known valleys. Mountains in the Hindu Kush range encircle the valleys. The Kalash people, who possess a distinctive language and culture in addition to adhering to an earlier incarnation of Hinduism, are the natives of the valley. Because of this, both Pakistani and foreign tourists are enticed to the Kalash Valleys.

There are three primary valleys. The biggest and most inhabited valley is Bumburet Valley. A tributary valley to Bumburet’s north is called Rumbur and on the south of Bumburet, in the Kunar Valley, lies a side valley called Birir. The Bumburet Valley, out of the three, is the most well-known and frequently visited valley in Chitral.

2. Bumburet Valley

The most prosperous valley in Kalash is called Bumburet. This location has many stateside visitors and is quite sophisticated in terms of modern amenities. The Valley is an area of opposites, with both lush greenery and a harsh topography. Trekking, motorcycling, bird viewing, and cave exploration are just some of the interesting activities that one can engage in this wonderful valley. The abundance of fauna that can be encountered there and the distinctive ambiance that the region offers will astound tourists to Bumburet Valley.

3. Rumbur Valley

In the northern region of Bumburet, Rumbur Valley contains a number of little-developed settlements. Most often, it is crowded with foreign tourists. It will take you at least two days to complete the valley’s activities. Rumbur Valleys, which is a three hours drive from Chitral Town in the Hindu Kush, is home to the thriving Kalash people and displays their tradition. Because it is less crowded with visitors, Rumbur Valley seems to be a preferred area if you’re looking to escape everyday life and monotony.

4. Birir Valley

This valley, which is in southern Bumburet, is the tiniest edge valley in Kalash. This area is considered the more conventional valley among the other two because it is less developed and sees fewer visitors year-round.

Other Popular Destinations in Chitral Valley

5. Garam Chashma

Warm springs, popularly known as hot springs, can be observed at Garam Chashma. In the magnificent Chitral Valley, 2550 meters above sea level, nestled in the Hindu Kush Mountains, the Garam Chashma can be found. It is renowned for its thermal springs, fish, and gemstones and serves as one of the most visited tourist destinations in Chitral. This location, which offers rock climbing, fishing, natural hot springs, and tranquil settings, is unquestionably worth exploring. Garam Chashma can be reached in two to three hours.

The route is beautiful, but you must ascend and navigate through tight roads to reach the actual location of hot water because it has been infringed upon. In actuality, there are people who use spring water there as a homeopathic alternative for skin conditions and recurrent headaches. For those who want to take a dip in the spring water, a bathing area has also been set up, so why not take a trip to Garam Chashma and enjoy the wonderfulness of the hot spring water.

6. Karambar Lake

A glacier lake in the Alps, the enchanting Karambar Lake is considered one of the largest, coolest, and prettiest lakes in the universe. Chitral’s Broghil Valley and Gilgit’s Ishkoman Valley, respectively, are places where you can find the lake. In Pakistan, Karambar Lake ranks second in terms of elevation, since Lake Rush in Gilgit-Baltistan ranks first. It was discovered at a height of 4,272 meters and exhibits considerable bioactivity.

7. Booni

Booni is one of the wonders that sits atop the Chitral Valley. It is situated on the Shandur-Gilgit route hardly 45 minutes away from Chitral Town. Since 1969, it has served as the upper Chitral’s town and administrative hub.

Booni is equally amazing as the other valleys, and it is highly recommended that you visit Chitral. It’s a flat, vast community with a large fan-like shape; it’s possibly one of the biggest in the vicinity. In contrast to the extremely severe winters, the valley has balmy weather in June courtesy to its consistent exposure to the sun’s rays. Numerous fruits, vegetables, and harvests, including apples, pears, grapes, apricots, and peaches, are also renowned for flourishing in this region.

8. Tirch Mir

The Hindu Kush’s tallest peak is called Tirch Mir. Apart from the Karakoram in the Himalayas, it is the tallest mountain range in the universe. In the Chitral region, it is situated in the Mulkow Valley. Tirch denotes darkness in Wakhi, while Mir denotes a ruler. As a result, the epithet denotes “Ruler of Darkness.” The silhouette that Tirch Mir has projected on the side of Wakhan may also be accredited with granting the area its name.

9. Chitral Museum

The Chitral region of KPK is well known throughout the world for its customs and culture. The Chitral Museum has been established to safeguard Chitral’s rich cultural heritage and captivating landscapes. A gallery for ethnic artifacts and another for antiquities are both included in the Chitral Museum.

The ethnographic display demonstrates the Chitral people’s way of life. The ethnographic collection also includes a number of other objects, including jewelry, weaponry, traditional clothes, woodwork, pottery, and percussion instruments, whereas, the archaeological show also features prehistoric cultural relics from Kalash Valley. As a result, you can discover Chitral’s historical and modern traditions and legacy whenever you visit the Chitral Museum.


Chitral Valley is simply an excellent option to consider if you are planning to travel to Pakistan because it includes a large number of popular destinations that people can visit and experience a blast at while having an unforgettable journey and making memorable moments. We sincerely hope you will have an amazing experience that you won’t soon forget!