In the gorgeous nation of Pakistan, tourists can experience all four distinct seasons throughout the entire year. The winter season is now approaching Pakistan, which means winter vacations are also looming. Since Pakistan offers a plethora of attractive and amazing destinations to explore in the winter, vacation travel is imperative!

Naturally, taking a vacation in winter calls for lounging around the house or perhaps catching up with friends, which also sounds like a terrific idea, however, you should also note that December and January are indeed the best months to explore a number of the most magnificent winter tourist destinations throughout the country. So, we have highlighted the astonishing winter destinations that Pakistan has to offer for its lovely tourists below, stay engaged for some amazing sights to add to your vacation list.

Travelers enjoy visiting these recreational destinations in Pakistan all year long, but in contrast, once winter arrives, these stunning destinations take a different turn and resemble something from a fairy tale. Examining each of them in more detail, let’s talk about what makes them unique.

Kalam Valley

Among the ideal spots to travel to in December in Pakistan is Kalam Valley. Kalam, a well-liked winter tourist destination, is situated in the higher parts of the scenic Swat Valley and is renowned for its captivating terrain, frozen lakes, entrancing Swat River, impenetrable woods, and impressive snow-covered high mountains. The drive to this captivating valley takes almost 3 and a half hours, if driving there is not preferable for you, then you can always take the bus there or travel on a tour to the valley through a tourist agency like ours!

Plainly said, one would be rendered completely flabbergasted by the astounding grandeur of this valley. When compared to other northern regions, Kalam’s wintertime temperatures, which might plummet as low as 1 centigrade, is bearable for vacationers. Furthermore, Kalam doesn’t always receive quite so many guests compared to some of the other destinations on this list, thereby making it simple for you to freely discover this enormous and expansive valley.

Cholistan Desert

During the forthcoming winter vacations, you should definitely think about going to Cholistan if you fancy the moonlight while gazing at the stars and admire the medieval garrisons and landmarks, this destination is the perfect one for you!

It is close to Bahawalpur, which is a modest but well-known city in Punjab. The desert itself is quite big, bordering Thar in Sindh prior to actually crossing into India. One of the more underrated winter travel destinations in Pakistan is the spectacular Cholistan Desert. There are several ancient and archaeological sites at this incredible natural treasure, that is also known as Rohi in the local dialect and some of these relics predate to hundreds of years ago. Interesting, isn’t it?

Gorakh Hill

Gorakh Hill Station, which is nestled in the Kirthar Mountain Range at an elevation of 5,688 feet and is close to Dadu in central Sindh.  People in Karachi, Hyderabad, and other adjacent cities have grown very fond of it. It is in actuality rated to be among the most desirable weekend escapes adjacent to Karachi.

The widely dispersed hill station welcomes a huge number of visitors. Perhaps one of Sindh’s largest and, hence, coolest highlands is Gorakh Hill. Moreover, it is the only area in the entire district to get moderate snowfall when the external temperature falls under zero centigrade. Gorakh Hill isn’t enveloped in forested mountains or flanked by snow-capped peaks, compared to the other winter holiday destinations in Pakistan’s northern regions. It does, however, provide a panoramic perspective of the landscape, which is reminiscent of the stunning pictures on posters.

Therefore, Gorakh Hill is indeed the workable alternative if you reside in Karachi and are seeking inexpensive suggestions for a winter vacation in Pakistan., the majority of whom stay for the night in a nearby lodge.

Nathia Gali

Nathia Gali, which is regarded as a true slice of paradise on earth and ranks among Pakistan’s prime winter vacation destinations, is situated in the heart of the Galyat mountain range and is widely known for its spectacular scenery, hiking trails, and attractions. Nathia Gali’s summertime climate, which is still relatively pleasant, draws tourists from all over the region to linger for a couple of days whereas the winters in the region are harsh, with frequent winter storms and heavy snowfall.

Given its proximity to Murree, most visitors choose to visit the quaint tourist resort of Nathia Gali while they are there. Despite the fact that trekking may not be a possibility for certain people during the harsh winters when the entire mountain range is blanketed in snow, you may still spend your time discovering the area’s outstanding aesthetic surroundings. Good news for tourists is that the authorities recently unveiled camping pods in Nathiagali to add even more entertainment to your journey!

Malam Jabba

Malam Jabba, a breathtaking hill town in Swat Valley that is part of the Hindu Kush Mountain range, is also among the excellent locations to visit in Pakistan in the winter. Malam Jabba is also home to one of Pakistan’s most well-known ski resorts. Both local and international tourists flock to the alluring vacation area in big numbers, and each year, the number of visitors rises. The ski slope at Malam Jabba Ski Resort is approximately 800 meters long.

Despite being famous for its highest elevation slope, the mountain is also well-known for its other notable features. The delightful resort offers ice-skating rinks in addition to chairlifts as well as skiing platforms and many other trendy amenities. The chairlifts, which provide a magnificent view of the snow-covered valley during the winter, are a whole other well-known popular tourist destination in Pakistan. Trekking enthusiasts can also check out the two well-known trails that are nearby.


We hope that you have a blast during your upcoming winter vacations, so plan a trip to one of our suggested places and have a great experience!