Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan and a contemporary city is among the most popular tourist destinations in the nation. Due to its substantial airport, proximity to enchanting Northern Pakistan destinations, and prominence with corporate travelers, it doubles as the primary step among several travels within Pakistan.

Nevertheless, the one thing that almost all of these tourists visiting the city have had in common is that they most probably won’t stay there for very long. Therefore, what could you do if you could only get a day to discover Islamabad?

The good news is the fact that there is a multitude for tourists to go and see. In order to help you prepare for your day in Islamabad, we’ve put together a very handy agenda of the splendid things that you can do in the city in a day’s time. So what are you waiting for? Read on!

Islamabad: Is it worth the visit?

When talking about the metropolis, you can say that without a question, Islamabad is a terrific site to see and to visit and tourists are left astounded when they get to have a glimpse of the city. On the other hand, it is considered an established transit hub for tourists. Putting the above factors aside, you might as well be pondering if Islamabad is indeed worthwhile traveling to, say, for recreation.

Without a doubt, we’d say that’s a resounding yes! This contemporary metropolis not only possesses some of the most popular destinations for tourists in the nation, but it also provides an interesting insight into the contemporary urban Pakistani lifestyle. It’s a facet of the nation that you might not be able to effectively grasp in plenty of other places.

Furthermore, after spending several weeks or months traveling throughout Pakistan, tourists who just might experience a little homesickness may seek out the ideal respite in Islamabad attributable toward its Foreign flare. There are numerous entertainment options in Islamabad that you just can’t seem to find elsewhere in Pakistan, considering all of this a day just won’t be enough to visit the modern city!

You might explore these sites in just about any sequence; these are the unequivocal must-do activities in Islamabad, particularly if you only have a day.

5 Must-do Activities in Islamabad in a Day

1. Explore the legendary Faisal Mosque in Islamabad

The Faisal Mosque, which is unquestionably one of the prominent mosques in Pakistan as well as in the globe, is Islamabad’s most well-known structure, and touring it is among the city’s must-do activities. The Faisal Mosque, which has a massive patio and chapel, is not just the grandest mosque in Pakistan but also the fifth-largest place of worship in the entire globe.

Despite the fact that it is still debatable in Pakistan about whether or not tourists should frequent mosques for tourism-related reasons, the Faisal Mosque is continuously thronged by individuals seeking to take pictures. Arguably one amongst Islamabad’s most iconic landmarks, the mosque is secure for both worshiping and touring as long as you cover and conduct yourself decently.

2. Soak in picturesque sights from Daman-e-Koh

There is absolutely no more enjoyable way to begin your day in Islamabad than by climbing the Margalla Hills and soaking in the picturesque early views of the city. I kid you not; you are not compelled to go on a hike. The most well-known vantage point in Islamabad is Daman-e-Koh, which really is conveniently reachable by car.

Visitors can admire the Faisal Mosque, Seventh Avenue, and Rawal Lake from there, along with everything else that tends to make Islamabad remarkable. One can ascend slightly higher to the Pir Sohawa hilltop for even spectacular coverage of the breathtaking vistas and to dine at the excellent Monal Restaurant.

3. Laud the Glorious Pakistan Monument

On the Shakarparian Hills, immediately opposite to Lok Virsa is the Pakistan Monument, another noteworthy monument of Pakistan. The monument, which is designed like a petal, stands for Pakistanis’ national cohesion. Each petal, which stands for a diverse group of people which thus makes up Pakistan, joins to preserve the focal star of the flag.

Another of the top activities to do in Islamabad during the azure evening sometime after sundown would be to explore the Pakistan Monument since you may reap the benefits of the structure’s vivid brilliance at its best. There is an entrance fee and visitors from other countries must anticipate having to pay extra.

4. Peruse the Lok Virsa Museum to learn about Pakistani Culture

Lok Virsa is an ethnic museum that showcases both the historical and contemporary customs and cultures of Pakistan. It’s a tremendous source for learning about the diverse regions of the nation, — particularly if you can’t visit everything in reality.

The increased emphasis on preserving existing heritage sets this museum apart from those in the nation. Hence, if you want to discover more about the country you’re touring, you definitely need to stop by the Lok Virsa Heritage Museum.

5. Witness Traditional Living In Saidpur Village

Unquestionably one of the must-do activities in Islamabad, regardless of when or how, is to explore Saidpur Village, a 500-year-old community nestled just below the Margalla Hills and near the legendary Faisal Mosque. You may also discover an old Hindu temple and a Sikh gurdwara onsite since, during the course of its extensive past, the settlement has encountered the involvement of numerous ethnic and religious groups.

To get away from the hectic urban life, meander through the village and dine at Des Pardes or the other various restaurants available there.


Certain activities to accomplish in Islamabad that you definitely must-do are listed above, however, there is also a tonne of other entertaining things to experience in Islamabad that you might stretch out over several days or include within your itinerary for just a day.