k2 Base Camp Trek Pakistan 2024/25

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About this tour

Embark on an exhilarating journey to K2 Base Camp, an adventure that promises awe-inspiring landscapes and thrilling challenges. Our meticulously crafted tour spans 16 days round trip, venturing through rugged mountain terrain and glacier moraines. As you trek an average of 10 kilometers daily with a 300-meter altitude gain, immerse yourself in the raw beauty of nature while braving the physical demands.

At K2 Base Camp, we cater to adventurers seeking the extraordinary. While this trek is physically demanding, it’s an opportunity to test your limits and discover unparalleled vistas. Our experienced k2 base camp trek guide ensure safety and provide insights into the region’s rich cultural heritage and natural wonders.

Start your incredible journey to K2 Base Camp today! Explore exciting adventures and create unforgettable memories at a budget-friendly K2 Base Camp Trek Cost.

Join us on this epic expedition and create unforgettable memories, knowing that the journey to K2 Base Camp is not just about reaching a destination—it’s about the transformative experience along the way.

K2 Base Camp Trek Pakistan – 2024/25

K2 Base Camp Trek Pakistan – 2024 is a 21-day long tailor-made trek. It stands out as the top trekking destination for 2024 in the eyes of many.

The crown of Karakoram is K2. The path winds along the Braldu Valley from the remote village of Askole before ascending the Baltoro Glacier to Concordia, located 12km (7.5 miles) from K2. Here, one can witness four 8,000m (26,247ft) peaks from a single location: K2, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum I, and Gasherbrum II.

For more details on this Trek, kindly go through the information provided below.

Go through the video to get an idea of What the K2 Base Camp journey feels like.


What are the departure dates of the tours for 2024?

  1. June 20, 2024
  2. July 20, 2024

What to expect from K2 Base Camp Trek Pakistan – 2024?

This trek is not savage, but it is wild. Without having to scale any peaks, this trek helps you to experience an expedition. Unlike Everest Base Camp, there is not that much in K2 Base Camp. In reality, there is absolutely nothing outside of the trekking and climbing season at the location of K2 Base Camp.

Furthermore, this magnificent trek begins in Askole and follows the Braldu gorge to the snout of the Baltoro glacier, which trekkers can then follow to reach Concordia. An optional day walk to K2 and Broad Peak base camps is available. This is one of the most beautiful mountain treks in the world, and with a scenery of unmatched grandeur, it is wild and remote.


Be part of the upcoming K2 Base Camp Trek Pakistan – 2024 and acquaint yourself with the Karakoram.

The aforementioned trek starts in June 2024.

Grab your seats for the adventure of a lifetime

K2 Base Camp trek and Gondogoro La Map


  • Breathtaking Scenery: Witness stunning vistas of the Karakoram Range, including iconic peaks like K2, the world's second-highest mountain.
  • Challenging Terrain: Navigate through rugged landscapes, glacier moraines, and challenging trails that test your physical endurance.
  • Cultural Immersion: Interact with local communities, experiencing their unique culture, traditions, and way of life in remote mountain villages.
  • K2 Base Camp: Reach the base camp itself, an achievement in its own right, and soak in the mesmerizing surroundings of this iconic mountain.
  • Panoramic Views: Enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding peaks, including Broad Peak and Gasherbrum peaks.
  • Adventure and Exploration: Encounter diverse ecosystems, from rocky terrain to icy glaciers, offering a diverse and thrilling adventure.
  • Historical Sites: Discover historical sites along the way, such as ancient settlements or remnants of previous expeditions.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from experienced guides who offer insights into the region's history, geology, and mountaineering lore.


  • All hotel accommodation (twin sharing room)
  • All trekking accommodation (twin sharing dome tent)
  • All domestic airport and road transfers
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner) and beverages/water
  • All transportation required in destination location
  • All trekking logistics (tents, non-personal equipment and tools etc.)
  • All bridge fees and camping site fees
  • Licensed professional guide as per government requirement.
  • Government trekking paperwork and permit fee
  • Support staff (cook, assistant(s) etc.)
  • Porter for personal luggage (14kgs) and mountaineering equipment (8kgs)
  • Snacks including dry fruits and tea/coffee during the trek
  • Waste management fees as per government requirement
  • Free refills of boiled drinking water on the trek
  • Islamabad and Skardu city tours (all entry fees included)
  • First aid medicine kit (basic)
  • Satellite phone for emergencies
  • Trekking map
  • International airfare
  • Visa to Pakistan
  • Travel insurance
  • Personal mountain equipment
  • Personal equipments (e.g. trekking shoes, down jacket, walking sticks etc)
  • Extra nights in Islamabad (Check out at 12pm sharp)
  • Personal Expenses (minibar, bottled water, phone calls, laundry, souvenir etc.)
  • Gratuities for guides, porters, staff etc.


Day 1 - Receive guests in Islamabad

Events For The Day:
• Arrival at Islamabad International Airport, Islamabad
• Airport transfer
• Check-in at Hotel
• Overnight in Islamabad
From the airport, our guide(s) will receive you. You’ll be moved to the booked hotel shortly. Our guests may relax and recover from their long journey on this day.
Pick-up Details:
One of our guides will be holding a sign with both our company’s logo and your name on it. International flights normally arrive at midnight so at that time the Islamabad airport gets crowd-less. Our guide can easily locate you and guide you further.
Kindly let us know in advance, in case you do not need any airport transfers.

Day 2 - Fly to Skardu

Events for The Day:
• Morning Flight to Skardu from Islamabad Airport (1 hr).
• Airport transfer
• Check-in at the hotel
• Day free

Day 3 - Skardu (2,228 m/ 7309 feet)

Events for The Day:
• Visit the famous Kharpocho fort in Skardu
• Day tour to Sadpara Lake
• Free time for shopping in Skardu Bazaar

Day 4 - Jeep Safari to Askole Village (3000 m/ 9842 feet)

Events for The Day: (Altitude: 3,010 m, Distance 130 km, Time 6-8 hours)
• Morning Jeep Safari to Askole village.
The participants will begin the jeep safari to Daso, passing through the Shigar valley through the passage. The journey on the sides of the Braldu River extending to Askole will be explored. Askole will be the last village on our route; after leaving the jeeps behind, the participants will start walking.

Events for The Day: (Altitude: 3,100 m, Distance: 20 km, Time: 5-8 hours)
• Completion of necessary supplies and equipment.
• Lunch at Korofon River
• Overnight in Jhola.
The porters will load up for the trek ahead of Jhola after completion of the necessary supply list and equipment. The valley is the gateway to the Biafo glacier that streams from Hispar La to Braldu for over fifty km. As the snout of the glacier is crossed, the participants will witness metamorphic rock walking. Korofon river would be an amazing spot for lunch.
The route will take us to the Braldu and Domordo rivers. For the walk, the former path is not taken, and instead, a newer trail will lead us to go upstream where participants will bridge from across the river. The participants will go down to the edge of the Braldu river on the other side of the bridge and follow the river bank to reach the CAMP at Jhola.

Events for The Day (Altitude: 3,420 m, Distance: 19.8 km, Time: 6-7 hours)
• The participants will follow the gorge of Braldu, along the bank of the river Braldu.
• Amazing views of the rocks at Trango Tower and Cathedral Peak.
• Depending on the water levels, the participants would have to use river crossing shoes.
• The snout of Baltoro Glacier can be seen on a clear day.
• By climbing away from the river to camp at Paijuu, participants will end their day.
The participants will follow the Braldu gorge along the bank of the Braldu River on the day of our K2 base camp trek. Participants will be able to see Trango Tower and Cathedral Peak’s spectacular rocks. Participants should avoid potential sunburns and be very dry and humid during this day as the walking conditions can be.
Several streams from glaciers flow down into the valley and on the way, the participants will have to use river crossing shoes depending on the water levels. The participants will be able to spot the snout of Baltoro Glacier on a clear day. On this day the participants will end their day by climbing away from the river to camp at Paiju, the last camp where you will see trees for a while.

Events for the day: (Altitude: 3,420)
• Acclimatization Day at Paiju Camp
For acclimatization, the participants will spend the day at the Paiju Camp. The porters, however, will take their time on the glacier to bake themselves bread for next week. An acclimatization walk can also be taken on this day towards the base camp of Paiju Hill.

Events for The Day: (Altitude: 3,788 m, Distance: 14.7 km, Time: 5-7 hours)
• Trango Tower and Uli Biaho Views
• Cross and over the glacier to Liligo
• Camp by the edge of Khoburtse
The walk will get challenging on this day, but with each step taken on the snout of Baltoro Glacier, the scenery will be spectacular. Although the trail is very safe, the trail has continuous up-and-down climbs on the glacial butte, but at all times it is strongly recommended to be careful. As you step forward, the participants will witness the breathtaking views; the views of Trango Tower and Uli Biaho.
The participants are needed to go to Liligo across the glacier. The participants will follow a rocky path from this point along the edge of the Baltoro or Khoburtse, the side of the glacier where the camp will be formed.

Events for The Day: (Altitude: 3,910 m, Distance: 6.4 km, Time: 4-6 hours)
• Stop at Urdukas near the army camp
After coming across two tiny glaciers, the Trango Towers can finally be seen. The participants will make their stop at Urdukas near the army camp the next night.

Events for The Day: (Altitude: 4,290 m, Distance: 12 km, Time: 6-8 hours)
• Views of Masherbrum (7821m).
• The first-night stay camp on Baltoro Glacier at Goro II
• Masherbrum, Masherbrum 4, and Muztagh Tower
We are now in the heart of Concordia with only ice on which to position our tents, we are surrounded by views of the great peaks: Muztagh Tower, Gasherbrum 4, and Masherbrum, the most stunning of them all, it’s guaranteed to take your breath away. If we are rewarded with a clear evening, nothing can prepare you for the sunset in the evening and the red hue over Masherbrum, never to be forgotten.

Events for The Day: Altitude: 4,512 m, Distance: 11.7 km, Time: 5-7 hours)
• Trek to Concordia
• Marble and Crystal Peaks on the way
• Finally surrounded by 4 eight-thousanders 🙂
Views of Broad Peak 8,051m/ 26,414 feet appear on our way up Baltoro, while Marble and Crystal Peaks appear on the left.cTill the minute we reach Concordia, K2 remains concealed a magnificent sight that will forever become a beautiful memory. Concordia is an extensive glacier region, one of the largest places on earth. We’re going to be surrounded by 4 eight-thousanders, 10 out of the top 30 highest peaks in the world. The camp will be set at 4,500m/ 14,764 feet in Concordia on the moraine.

Congratulations! You made it.
Through crevasses and small rivers produced by melting ice, we can begin early. We follow the glacier named after Godwin Austin, who first proclaimed the height of K2. We’ll be at the Broad Peak base camp after three hours, where we’ll have a clear view of the spectacular Karakoram 2nd (K2), Mitre Peak behind us, and Bride Peak. The moraine, which is mostly boulders, we move on. We walk on the moraine which is mostly boulders. However, we do walk on ice occasionally.
After another 3 hours of trek, we will complete the K2 Base Camp one-way trip to the moraine safe zone, a typical K2 climbers’ base camp area. If time allows, one can also visit the Gilkey Memorial. There are names of valiant people in the memorial, engraved on plates and plagues. Those tough ones died while trying K2.
It depends on the participants to determine whether to trek to K2 Base Camp, Broad Peak BC, Gilkey Memorial, choose one or another or both options or choose to rest at Concordia on this day. It is mandatory to return to Concordia on this day.

On this day you will return to Goro I from K2 Base Camp. The trek is much easier as you will be descending down from the base camp.

On this day you will trek back to Khoburtse from Goro I. During the journey, you will experience great views of the Trango towers and other beautiful mountain ranges. The trek is easier as you will be descending downhill.

On this day you will be walking down to Paiju Camp. This is the day when you will finally be hitting the civilization from the glacier moraines.

Trek on this will also be much easier as you will be hiking on rigid land and fields. You will camp at Jhola.

This is the last trekking day. If the road conditions are good, you will be picked up from your campsite else you will shift to jeeps in Askoli.
On the same day, you will drive further to Skardu on Jeeps. The jeep ride takes some 6 hours to reach Skardu city.

All the guests will have an extra day in Skardu to relax after a strenuous trek. We are adding this as a contingency day for any sort fo delays in the treks.

The participants will take a flight from Skardu airport to Islamabad airport on this day. You’re going to have a nice time relaxing at the Islamabad hotel.
Owing to weather conditions, domestic flights often get canceled. In the event of a flight delay, you’ll travel overnight to Chilas. It’s a vehicle that takes eight to ten hours.

In the case of domestic flight cancellation on the previous day, this day shall be reserved for any future delays. Early in the morning, our guests will depart from Chilas to Islamabad, which can take up to ten hours. It will, however, be a free day if the participants on the domestic flight make it to Islamabad the previous day on the flight.
You can use this time for sightseeing in Islamabad.

Finally, your K2 Base Camp Trek Land Package only ends with breakfast and a transfer to the airport.


Multi day




June - Sept

Frequently asked questions

The altitude of K2 base camp is 5,150m (16,896ft) and The top of the k2 is 8611m. 
It takes 10 - 16 days to complete the trek which involves a total distance of about 180 KM return. 

The K2 Base Camp trek is an intense and demanding adventure that spans 16 days through glacier moraines and rugged mountains. To tackle this challenge, you'll need to hike 10 kilometers daily with a 300-meter altitude gain. Adequate preparation involves daily 10-kilometer hikes to build the necessary stamina. Despite its difficulty, individuals aged 60 and above have successfully completed this trek by being confident in their ability to finish within the allotted time.

Most of the tourist destinations in Pakistan are as safe as any other travel destination in the world. Rather, most of the tourists find Pakistan safer and more hospitable than the places they visited before. 

Essential items include 

  1. Sturdy hiking boots
  2. Down clothing
  3. Raincoat
  4. Down sleeping bag
  5. sunscreen
  6. lip balm
  7. Water Bottle
  8. trekking poles
  9. appropriate gear for high-altitude trekking
  10. personal toiletries
  11. Blistered bandages
  12. and any necessary medications 

The trek is organized by our company which is registered and licensed with the Ministry of Tourism. We arrange transportation, permits, accommodations (tents or basic lodges), meals, and guides for the trekking group.

Tipping guides, porters, and support staff is customary. The amount can vary but typically ranges from 10-15% of the total trip cost, shared among the staff. 

It's advisable to carry enough cash for emergencies and incidentals. Credit/Debit cards are only accepted in Islamabad and Skardu, so having local currency on hand is essential before the start of the trek. 

Guides are responsible for leading the trek, providing guidance on the route, ensuring safety, managing logistics, offering information about the area, and assisting with any issues that may arise. 

The food menu typically includes a variety of meals suitable for high-altitude trekking, such as rice, pasta, soups, vegetables, nuts, and some meat options.
Special dietary requirements can be accommodated if informed in advance.

A private K2 tour involves a personalized trek with a dedicated guide and support team exclusively for your group. We offer private treks tailored to the specific preferences and needs of our guests. To get better services, it is advisable to book a private tour with us to the K2 Base Camp. 

Weather conditions vary, but during the trekking season (typically June to August), expect milder temperatures during the day and colder nights. Weather can be unpredictable, so being prepared for fluctuations is essential.

Clean drinking water is usually obtained by treating water from natural sources using water purification tablets or filters and by boiling the water at the campsites. It's recommended to carry specialized water filter bottles to prevent the risk of contracting diseases.

Bottled water might not be readily available along the route unless you are booking a private tour and get this as an extra service.

Toilets along the trek are basic, often consisting of designated spots or portable toilets. It's advisable to carry biodegradable toilet paper and practice the Leave No Trace principle.

A shower facility is nearly impossible unless you are taking a shower under a waterfall over the way. Some lodges or campsites have basic shower facilities, but most of the time, bathing involves using wet wipes or a small basin.

Accommodation will be in tents along the trekking route. Expect rustic conditions with limited amenities throughout the trek. 

The best time for the K2 Base Camp trek is during the summer months from June to August when the weather is relatively milder and trekking conditions are more favorable.

The terrain on Baltoro Glacier includes rugged and rocky paths, moraines, and some crevasses. Proper equipment and experienced guides are necessary for safe navigation.

Daily walking hours vary but usually range from 6 to 8 hours, covering approximately 10 kilometers a day, depending on the specific itinerary.

A typical day during the K2 Base Camp trek starts with an early morning rise, packing up, and having breakfast before setting off on the day's trek. The group treks for several hours, taking breaks for rest, hydration, and snacks while navigating through varying terrain. A midday break is allocated for lunch, either with packed meals or at a designated spot. The trek resumes towards the day's campsite, aiming to arrive by late afternoon or early evening. At the campsite, tents or accommodations are set up, allowing time for relaxation, dinner, and preparation for the following day's trek, with an early bedtime for ample rest. This daily routine repeats, tailored to cover the challenging distance while ensuring trekkers maintain their energy and well-being throughout the expedition.

The maximum baggage allowance is usually restricted to a certain weight limit set by the tour operator or airline for the trek.

Porters: up to 24kg Per porter 

Personal Carry: No limitations but you are recommended to keep lightweight to enjoy the journey. 

While we strive to ensure all fixed departures run as scheduled, certain factors like weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances may cause changes or cancellations. Also, operating the tour requires a minimum of 06 confirmed bookings.

It is recommended to trek with a reputable tour operator, experienced guides, or in a group for safety and support, especially considering the challenging nature of the trek. The company looks after the necessary documentation and trekking permit requirements. 

The maximum group size may vary depending on the tour operator, but typically it ranges from 08 to 12 people.

In the event of flight cancellations, the tour we have contingency plans or alternative arrangements for road trips in place. You will take a road trip to Skardu from Islamabad with an overnight stay in the middle. 

You may purchase the necessary gear from Islamabad or Skardu if something is missing. If your luggage exceeds 20 kg, it's recommended to buy the gear from Skardu to prevent overweight baggage on the flight to Skardu.

WiFi services are solely accessible at Goro I, Goro II, Concordia, Broad Peak Base Camp, and K2 Base Camp. There are no operational WiFi services available at camps preceding these locations.

Electric generators are used during nighttime at the campsites to recharge your devices. 

The Karakoram Highway is a significant road link connecting Pakistan and China. While generally safe, it's advisable to check local conditions and travel advisories due to occasional landslides or road maintenance.

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