Skardu in Pakistan is indeed an excellent location to go if you’ve always dreamed of seeing a frigid plain or an Alps plateau and you might have probably heard about Skardu if you are recently considering visiting Pakistan’s northern regions.

Even though the Hunza Valley towards the north and Fairy Meadows towards the west are much more well-known than this substantial municipality in Gilgit-Baltistan, it is nevertheless one of Pakistan’s most famous tourist attractions because of the exceptional natural landmarks nearby.

So, it’s important to pack your things and make travel arrangements to Skardu if you would like to try some exquisite Balti cuisine! The following is all the information you entail prior to actually visiting Skardu.

Ultimate Travel Guide to Skardu: When & How to Get There

Where is Skardu?

Skardu is among the region’s greatest significant cities and is located in the eastern Gilgit-Baltistan area of Pakistan at a height of about 2,230 meters. It is positioned along the Shigar and Indus rivers, which further divide the Karakoram Mountain Range from the Himalayan Mountain Range, and is graced with a peculiar terrain and environment that have been noticed within just a few other places on the planet.

How is the weather there?

Skardu has a milder climate than that of other northern Pakistan locations. The summer months are always from June to September, wherein spikes of 30°C are prevalent, and the harshest months seem to be from December to February when recessions regularly plummet below zero. In the interim months, expected averages are about 10°C. December through May see the most rainfall.

What is the best time to visit Skardu?

The summer months of June through September are the best for traveling to Skardu. The best time to visit lush green areas is when it’s cool and dry, allowing you to avoid the oppressive heat in plenty of other regions of Pakistan. A further fantastic month to travel to Skardu is October when the area is covered with glorious fall hues. It will be more challenging to reach the capital throughout the winter when the area surrounding Skardu is altered into something like a stunning white spectacle.

How to get to Skardu?

A benefit and a liability come with reaching Skardu. Fortunately, considering Skardu operates its own airport, you have far more possibilities compared with the majority of destinations in northern Pakistan. Skardu may very well be reachable by automobile or even by airplane. However, there are a few alternatives if you’re strapped for cash and still want to travel to Skardu via road. From some of the other Pakistani cities, visitors could catch a public bus, sign up for an excursion with other individuals, or engage a private driver with expertise. Just a friendly reminder: you shouldn’t ever consider driving independently on such roads.

How to get around Skardu?

A personal driver or tour operator is your best bet for getting around Skardu. Exploria will ensure that you have a superb journey if you choose our travel agency for your Skardu excursion courtesy of our top-notch tour packages. Therefore, why not consider choosing Exploria?

Best Places to visit

Many of the outstanding tourist attractions in the vicinity around Skardu are highlighted below. Have a look!

Shigar Valley

The picturesque Shigar Valley is located along the Shigar River just over an hour northeast of Skardu. Visitors might see the vernacular architecture marvels like Shigar Fort and the medieval Khilingrong Mosque which is made of wood as well as the Balti rural life by following the gorgeous journey down towards the charming village of Shigar.

Manthoka Waterfall

A stunning waterfall may be seen about one-hour southeast of Skardu. Manthoka Waterfall, which is surrounded by a tranquil, verdant valley, surges so impressively and tallies from the highlands as such that it is difficult to comprehend that it is synthetic. In one of the most attractive places close to Skardu, you may take a refreshing dip in the waterfall’s crystal-clear water, photograph smooth streams and rainbows, and take pleasure in a leisurely lunch.

Deosai National Park The second-highest mountainous highland on the earth is found within Deosai Plains near Skardu. The Himalayan Brown Bear and perhaps other threatened species were the initial targets of Deosai National Park, which is now tentatively listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The rivers of Kalapani, Barapani, and Sheosar Lake, as well as the breathtakingly vast and uninhabited terrain, may all be observed in Deosai National Park. From Skardu, it takes approximately two hours to travel up the mountain route to Deosai National Park.

Shangri-La Resort

 Perhaps one of Pakistan’s, if not the world at large, most gorgeous destinations, the exquisite Shangrila Resort, is home to the Lower Kachura Lake. Inside this veritable Paradise on Earth, you can spend a tranquil evening amidst the lushest landscape, as well as be eager to slurp fresh organic juices in front of the heart-shaped lake. Perhaps you can consider spending the night there at the resort if you really want to appear especially affluent.

Katpana Desert 

The Katpana Desert, Skardu’s second chilly desert, is somewhat nearer to the city. The Katpana Desert, which is flanked by mountainous regions and has a magnificent lake in the midst, is particularly attractive in the wintertime whenever a flawless snow-covered layer coats the dunes. In fact, the Katpana Desert is accessed year-round as a result of its proximity to Skardu Airport.

Skardu FoodThe food culture of Baltistan is unquestionably the least well-known in all of Pakistan. Especially in comparison to other regions of Pakistan, Balti flavors and tastes emphasize a bit more carbohydrate-heavy comfort foods than spice. When you’re in Skardu, you should strive to devour everything that you can because Balti food is already so difficult to acquire in other areas of Pakistan.

      • Papu

      • Mamtu

      • Balti Lentil Soup 

      • Namkeen Chai

    Security in Skardu

    Skardu is, in general, a relatively safe place to travel. To ensure a trouble-free journey, there are a handful of things to bear in mind. On the contrary, female security is a prominent issue in Pakistan. It is suggested that women visiting Skardu never go there alone, steer clear of the nighttime, keep their heads down from strangers, and therefore only travel with reputable tour operators.


    Since we’ve now covered everything you might need to know before visiting and exploring Skardu, have a safe trip!