Pakistan is endowed with enchanting sites that so many people are unaware of. One would wish to travel to the state once in a lifetime considering it boasts some of the prettiest destinations on earth. Tourists are left flabbergasted by the serenity and abundance of natural splendor that some of these locations offer. The exquisite province of Sindh represents one of these destinations and provides a wide range of tourist destinations that travelers would desire to visit and appreciate.

A varied selection of tourism destinations may be explored in the Pakistani region of Sindh, which is additionally rich in historical and cultural significance. Sindh, which is situated in Pakistan’s southeast, is an area with stunning topography. From the venerable Mohenjo Daro site to the cutting-edge capital city of Karachi, Sindh offers something for everyone. Sightseeing in Sindh is essentially mostly about antiquity; you may encounter a dynamic amalgamation of modern and ancient civilizations in addition to spectacular natural scenery.

So, if you’re also willing to embark on your next vacation experience, you’re in luck! Take a look below at the list of some of the amazing tourist destinations in Sindh. This wonderful list of tourist destinations in Sindh has a noble significance in the tourism of Pakistan.

5 Best Sindh Famous & Historical Places to Visit

1. Mohenjo Daro

Mohenjo Daro seems to have an ancient legacy, it was formerly a prominent urba

Perhaps one of Sindh’s most well-known historical sites, Mohenjo Daro is also the source of several ancient relic excavations. Among them are various tools crafted from materials like stones and metal, statues, measurement devices like balance scales and weights, jewelry pieces, and toys. The Mohenjo Daro Museum, which is situated approximately 800 meters away from the archaeological city of Mohenjo Daro, is where the above antiques are on display.

2. Sukkar Barage

The enormous Indus River, being one of Pakistan’s most prominent rivers, seems to be where Sukkur Barrage is situated. The Lloyd Barrage was its original name since it was built in the 1900s while the British were in authority. Considering the region’s extraordinarily low yearly precipitation, Sukkur Barrage is crucial in dispersing water for agricultural purposes.

The barrage’s architecture is exceptionally sturdy and engineered to endure severe weather and flood-like circumstances. It is traversed by a series of seven channels; among them including the Nara Canal, Rohri Canal, Kirthar Canal, etc. Sukkur can be reached in under 15 minutes by car. You can explore Sukkur after enjoying this picnic area since the municipality is home to some of the most well-known landmarks.

3. Kot Diji Fort In the district of Khairpur, exists a fort called Kot Diji, which serves as one of the most tremendous manifestations of the Talpur dynasty in the suburb. According to historical evidence, the Kot Diji Fort was built a century ago in one of the most isolated regions of Sindh. Possessing its splendid layout, the fort’s creation was achieved in a ten-year period commencing in 1785 and ending in 1795. The Kot Diji hamlet in the Khairpur region is anchored by this iconic vestige of the colossal fort.

Talking about the prominent aspects of the fort; it features three neatly stacked turrets and appears to be one of Pakistan’s most impressive forts. Bricks that have been fired in a kiln and limestone were used to construct the fort.

Considering that drinkable water is among the region’s most in-demand commodities, the fort was wisely outfitted with a water reservoir for its conservation and use. You will encounter some roofless chambers when exploring the fort; these are referred to as Barood Khano in Sindhi and were originally utilized for the stockpiling of munitions.

The Kot Diji fort furthermore incorporates a dungeon, a courthouse, and distinct accommodation for the military in the guise of numerous chambers. The single great entry to the fort is the Royal Gate, also known as Shahi Darwaza in local parlance.

4. Keenjhar lakeAnother of Sindh’s foremost egregiously underappreciated tourist attraction Keenjhar Lake is indeed the destination to be if you fancy seafood and are looking to devour a fresh haul because it is among the most notable fisheries nearby Karachi. Other pleasant outdoor pursuits alongside fishing involve swimming, kayaking, and jet-skiing. Apart from all of that, the seaside sunset is particularly very stunning.

5. Kirthar National Park

Kirthar National Park is just one of the province’s abundant, outrageously creative tourist destinations; here, peaks and skies mingle, and greenery is inhabited by a variety of unusual species and birds. It was established in 1974 and therefore is currently Pakistan’s second-largest wildlife sanctuary. It is located in the Kirthar Mountain range, approximately 160 kilometers from Karachi.

This nature reserve in Sindh has a remarkable record of rearing a myriad of mammals, birds, and reptiles. According to Kirthar National Park officials, the park is the finest refuge for particularly exceptional wildlife, including leopards, wolves, striped hyenas, chinkara, gazelles, wild sheep, and Sindhi ibex. Nevertheless, the prevalence of such endangered species attracts thousands of tourists, adventurers, and environmental enthusiasts.


If you haven’t already, you should absolutely make travel plans to Sindh right away! We hope that witnessing all of these tourist destinations has ignited your enthusiasm in Sindh.