In the hearts of every Pakistani, food is the key component and holds enormous significance. You will be astounded after tasting the food because the nation as a whole is an ethnic and cultural melting pot, giving it a divine flavor. Pakistan has some well-known food cities in which you can find sumptuous cuisine that will keep you coming back for more.

Incorporating a range of herbs, spices, and meats, Pakistani cuisine may have a mouthwatering array of flavors, including tangy, sweet, sour, spicy, and hot. Consequently, we’re giving you a combination of all the ingredients to suit your palette. You would be startled to taste the food in Pakistan, which combines everything from the spiciness of street food to the delectableness of luxury delicacies.

To ensure that you have an excellent journey filled with incredible culinary experiences, we have included all of Pakistan’s famous food cities below, so have a look.

Top 6 Best Food Cities in Pakistan

1. Lahore

Lahore is renowned for its cuisine and is regarded as a culinary hotspot in Pakistan. Lahore delivers a wide selection of food to your table, where you may enjoy delicious meals and culinary excellence. The city offers its residents an incredible range of options. Tourists and residents alike frequent the food street in Lahore, which is also widely known and offers a great assortment of meals to fill your plate. Nihari, Paye, fish, and Karahi are well evident in Lahore.

2. Multan

Multan’s divine Sohan Halwa (sweet delicacy) serves as the sole reason it is a well-known food city, well many people do recognize Multan for its Halwa, however, if you get a chance to visit the city then you will find that this is untrue and that Multan is a real culinary diamond in the rough when it comes to other delightful dishes that the city has to offer. You can indulge in a range of Multan-inspired delicacies that will tickle your taste buds. From Multani fish to pulao to falooda, each and every plate offers a taste of scrumptious perfection.

3. Peshawar

Peshawar is known as the “city of meat” and boasts a distinctive meat-based cuisine that dates back to the city’s initial periods. For those who are passionate about meat, Peshawar has a diverse range of well-known meaty treats to offer. You can choose from Namak mandi, Charsi tikka, Chapli kabab, and a savory and sweet fusion dish called Kabuli pulao. Your palate will be refreshed. A blast of incredibleness will be presented to you at your table from the meat bundle.

4. Karachi

Karachi possesses a robust night culture and undoubtedly the most diverse cuisine industry of any city. The main reason Karachi is a renowned food city is because of its biryani; there is never sufficient biryani in Karachi. The city is home to a wide range of biryani eateries, both new and primitive, and the locals cherish it. Barbecue seems to be another component of Karachi’s cuisine that is widely known. Both tourists and locals appreciate the wonderful grilled specialties like tikka, seekh kabab, malai boti, and Bihari boti.

5. Islamabad

Famous eateries and a wide variety of street foods can be found around Islamabad. Along with the local cuisine, the city is distinctive in and of itself. The city has a broad selection of flavorful cuisine to offer, including street food, a vast selection of desi and western restaurants, and cafes. Islamabad is known for its delicious Savour pulao, which both locals and visitors adore and treasure. The primary street food dishes that the residents enjoy and frequently eat are shawarma, afghani burger, roll paratha, and fries.

6. Gilgit

Traditional and organic food are abundant in Gilgit especially Hunza traditional foods. You can experience the city’s peculiar and energizing influence on the cuisine. There are several well-known cuisines in the city that both tourists and residents like devouring, including Mamtu, Chapshuro, Giyalin, Apricot juice, etc. Famous cuisine from the highlands is delivered to your table, and it will undoubtedly revive your taste senses.


With the above-highlighted notable food cities in Pakistan that we have stated, we hope that you will get to have a great food experience in Pakistan during your tour. Pakistan is a country with delectable and distinct cuisine, so be sure to have fun there.